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Name: Mystical_Powers
Nickname: Alex [lulz]
Hair: Brunette.
Eyes: Blue/Green/Brown Eyed.
Height: 5ft3.
Lives: England.
Film: Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Favourite Book: The Hobbit.

I became a KAT-TUN fan on the 21st July 2009 and they have made me blissfully happy. It's odd but true to say that their music, their TV show, their concerts, own work and everything about them have made me overly happy =D I have all their albums [but not officially] and I am getting them all from Japan once I have money =D My favourites are Akanishi, Taguchi and Kamenashi [<3]. At first it was just Akanishi but once I had searched 'Akanishi's Band' in Google, I saw that Taguchi was in Yukan Club [which I was watching at the time] and in KAT-TUN and I have to honestly say that Kame was the last one I noticed =/ but totally in love with him now ^_^

Enough rambling?

Sayonara <3

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Giri Giri De Itsumo Ikite Itai Kara
-- I Always Want To Live On The Edge <3

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