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01 September 2012 @ 04:07 am
[sticky post] Help?!  
Will you help me?!?!

Below are links to entries where I have many pictures of my idols and I need information about the pictures!
I seem to have some OCD about needing to know EVERYTHING about a picture: Date, Person, Year, Type (Magazine/Photoset etc), Magazine Name.

Seto Koji Help Part 1: Photosets
Kamenashi Kazuya Help Part 1
KAT-TUN Help Part 1: Pairs/Trios, Junno, Ueda, Nakamaru, Extra.
07 June 2018 @ 02:13 pm

Here they are, I check these guys regularly because I love them ^_^

rossanav6 jesheslove kissmegreen makichan5 dual_tsubasa setolove pali_mari maomaochan blue_panda26 ayc_akuma leefubuki madzia963 beccy_chan sberry1582  galuvkat_tun pornvilai

And Communities I absolutely love <3 jone_records kattunlove kame_world tomoaday bl_a_day yanagishitomo d_boys jdramas ikemen_daily d_date d_translations setogifaday shouhei_a_dayamaris_subs plotboxes going_gonin plotboxes kamesanctuary


~^-^-~ JE MEME ~^-^-~

Taken From: http://marchingj.livejournal.com/893.html

hi, my name is Alex. nice to meet you. name:: Alex
JE #1 bias: KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya
JE fandom/s: KAT-TUN, NEWs, Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP, ABC-Z.
fandoms besides JE: D-Boys, Japanese Doramas/Films.
twitter: sambart93
anything else?: I love JE! ^_^

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Translations MasterCheck Post [see the complete list and where to find them!]
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- DORAMAS/FILMS can now be found here.

Can be found at this post.


Firstly can I just say that this poster is freaking amazing!! It so freaking cool and the colouring is perfection!

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Have you seen the film? What did you think? Do you like and watch KR Drive? Are you excited for the new film in December for Ghost x Drive?!?!


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Overall Thoughts: I have no fucking idea why I'm still watching this. They aren't utilizing Seto at all. The work place hasn't stopped any harassment nor changed in any way. And that fucking manager woman needs to get hit with a break like a month ago! I think the ONLY reason I'm still watching is A. I'm past 3 episodes so my OCD has kicked in and I have to finish it. B. I'm a women so I'm nosey as fuck about cheating and affairs and have to know if they're all get their just desserts even though I'm pretty sure I'm gunna be very disappointed... and C. because I support Seto <3

Why are you still watching this?
26 August 2015 @ 08:25 pm

I saw the SS/KR film for the second time today! I'm thinking that'll be my next review (yes, I know I'm way behind on 'The Last Things I Watched' sorry =/ it will come back soon though!), so look out for it!! ^_^
25 August 2015 @ 10:47 am

I finally made some so enjoy!


* Friend locked in a week! *

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+ Credit and comment if taking
+ Comments and Critics welcome!
+ Want more?
+ Made by me!

24 August 2015 @ 11:44 pm

Story: A new apartment in built so people from the slums can live there but during construction one of the workers died, and they covered up the death by putting him in one of the concrete walls. One of the workers (Kenji - Kame) wants everyone to know and to let the guy rest, but all the higher ups just keep telling him to forget about it and that a dead body is no longer a human.  There a love story in there too.... Instead of focusing on the crime/death (which would've been a much more interesting story btw!), it just goes on about how no one believes Kenji.

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Overall: The stage's look, the use of the room, the singing, and the acting was perfect but the story was boring, annoying as fuck and let it down immensly. The actual plot had SO much potential but the route the story decided to go made everything just fall flat and was a very old-style choice of Japanese theme that they decided to focus on. It was missing atmosphere as well, you couldn't tell if it wanted to be a comedy or a serious story. Also 80+% of the characters could be cut out and it's still make sense, and about an hour or more had no main characters on stage! so you cut that hour out too and it would've been a good play I think... so much unneccesary stuff was in it that has lead me to feel rather disappointed about it =/ Maybe it's cos I'm a foreigner, maybe it's because I wasn't sat near the stage, maybe it's because my Japanese isn't fluent yet (close but not)... I'd give this show... 4 out of 10. It had good points but mainly bad points.

Was it just me? What did everyone else think?

24 August 2015 @ 03:40 pm

See I finally made DN icons! I'll post them soon!! ^_^


This is it! I AM SO SCARED!!

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Overall Thoughts: Holy fucking shit! Light evilness to the MAX! The lighting in most of the scenes today were spot on and so beautiful. My heart hasn't raced that fast in a long time! Thought I myself was gunna have a heart attack o_O but... holy shit! It's a seriously tense episode! Prepare yourself seriously both mentally and emotionally! HOLY ****!!!!!! =OOOOO

23 August 2015 @ 11:35 pm



Finally after a week of hiatus we are back in the swing of things!

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Overall Thoughts: This was Kaname Jun's episode which I was looking forward to. Unfortutely this dorama is just as angering as ever so his story got over shadowed by my unhappiness at how things unfold in this dorama -_- but over half way there, am I right?! But yes, unfortunately, the episde did not make up for the racey ending it had in episode 5.
22 August 2015 @ 06:25 pm
Just a quick post where everyone can say how they're doing so....

How is everyone?

I've noticed everyone has gotten a little quiet lately and figured it was either because A. everyone's gotten really busy, B. people aren't as caught up with AH and DN unlike myself or C. I'm not posting content that's interesting to you. So by all means: tell me everything!!

Howa you?
Whatcha been doing?
Whatcha looking forward to/future plans?


I was thinking of starting a new segment... at the minute I have 'The Last Things I Watched', 'Death Note Discussion' and 'Age Harassment Discussion' segments and I was thinking of adding a 'Fave Doramas/Movie in [Insert Genre]', what does everyone think? If you think it's a good idea, then definitely say and also, let me know which genre I should do first!

Bye bye!!
20 August 2015 @ 11:12 am
So as usual Tumblr wins in making me laugh the hardest and I thought I'd share with you all the DN stuff so far that has made me pretty much cry from laughter. But I have to say: SPOILERS UP TO EPISODE 8 PREVIEW but I'll make sure to put episode 7 + stuff in a seperate section cos I know ep7 subs have not come out yet xD

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And now onto...

Episode 7 - Episode 8 Preview Spoilers vvvv

( Ep7 and 8 Preview )Collapse )


I hope you enjoyed them all!! and laughed just as hard as I did! If you have any DN-Dorama related funny stuff then please post below! ^_^
19 August 2015 @ 01:47 pm

*spoilers for episode 8 preview*

I just had the craziest thought...

( spoiler prediction )Collapse )

I think I’ve just blown my own mind... and I hope I'm damn right!!

16 August 2015 @ 11:27 pm

Here we go again!!! *squeals*

As always: SPOILERS!!!

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Overall Thoughts: Holy shit guys!!! BEST EPISODE SO FAR!! The character development, the acting, the CHANGES were intense and shocking! And holy shit that preview! OMG I am crying!!!
15 August 2015 @ 09:12 pm

I’ve been reading Heroine Shikkaku and Orange lately in anticipation of Yamazaki being in both of them and because they’re both being released this year and I thought I’d share my views on what I’ve read so far and how I think Yamazaki will do…

Fistly Heroine Shikkaku – WHICH btw seemingly there are currently cut outs for PRing this movie in most cinemas. So guess what I’m doing on my day off on Tuesday xD

So far I’ve read the first two volumes of this! The character development is very good and it has some seriously funny moments xD I am liking Hatori very much and Rita is still very much a mystery but hopefully we can see more of his side soon, and Kousuke definitely has potential to win over my heart xD

General Plot of the Story:

We follow our main girl, Hatori who is in love with her childhood friend, Rita(Yamazaki) but he decides to date a (what she thinks is a) plain girl and she can’t understand why she isn’t the heroine of his love story because Hatori believes it is her destiny to always be with him and thinks in natural that they would go out. But through her own fault, she never confesses and he begins to date a girl called Adachi. Until she meets someone hotter, Kousuke, who pursues her, and slowly her heart begins to change, but is Rita only just realising his feelings for her now that she is interested in someone that isn’t him? And is Rita’s girlfriend really just as innocent and as nice as she appears?

Manga Spoilers (for first two volumes!):

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From Manga to Film – My Thoughts:

Firstly the trailer *watches 1:34 minute trailer*

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Now onto Orange!! OMG this manga guys! Holy crap! It’s SO beautiful! I’ve only read one volume of it so far but holy crap, I was trying SO HARD not to cry on the train and during work when I was reading it! xD Seriously, if it’s in English or your native language – READ IT!

General Plot:

Naho receives a letter one day from her future self telling her that she has many regrets which all began during her second year at high school and wishes to change them, but gives her past self the option. So first thing: ‘Set alarm clock the night before – so I’m not late’ Naho oversleeps as was written in the letter. Over the next few days she learns that what the letter says is true and she begins to slowly set the regrets straight. But there is one huge this that her future self really wants to change: the new transfer students life; Naruse Kakeru’s life.

Manga – Spoilers for Volume 1:

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From Manga to Film:

*Watches 32 second teaser*

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And that's all I have for now! So do post lots in the comments below about what you think about these two movies:

Are you excited? What do you think about the casting? Have you read the manga? Do you want to? Everything!