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01 September 2012 @ 04:07 am
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Will you help me?!?!

Below are links to entries where I have many pictures of my idols and I need information about the pictures!
I seem to have some OCD about needing to know EVERYTHING about a picture: Date, Person, Year, Type (Magazine/Photoset etc), Magazine Name.

Seto Koji Help Part 1: Photosets
Kamenashi Kazuya Help Part 1
KAT-TUN Help Part 1: Pairs/Trios, Junno, Ueda, Nakamaru, Extra.
07 June 2018 @ 02:13 pm

Here they are, I check these guys regularly because I love them ^_^

rossanav6 jesheslove kissmegreen makichan5 dual_tsubasa setolove pali_mari maomaochan blue_panda26 ayc_akuma leefubuki madzia963 beccy_chan sberry1582  galuvkat_tun pornvilai

And Communities I absolutely love <3 jone_records kattunlove kame_world tomoaday bl_a_day yanagishitomo d_boys jdramas ikemen_daily d_date d_translations setogifaday shouhei_a_dayamaris_subs plotboxes going_gonin plotboxes kamesanctuary


~^-^-~ JE MEME ~^-^-~

Taken From: http://marchingj.livejournal.com/893.html

hi, my name is Alex. nice to meet you. name:: Alex
JE #1 bias: KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya
JE fandom/s: KAT-TUN, NEWs, Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP, ABC-Z.
fandoms besides JE: D-Boys, Japanese Doramas/Films.
twitter: sambart93
anything else?: I love JE! ^_^

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Translations MasterCheck Post [see the complete list and where to find them!]
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- DORAMAS/FILMS can now be found here.

Can be found at this post.

02 December 2016 @ 10:24 am

I watched this on Monday and I'd held it off for ages because I just wasn't in the mood but I DID want to see it before they stopped showing it at the cinema so I took the opportunity on Monday afternoon.


Official Website
Trailers and Teasers 1, 2, 3, 4
And because Japan can't get enough of it: Ryuk doing PPAP



If you didn't know this is set 10 years after the original movies and 6 Death Notes have landed in the human world and naturally it causes mayhem and everyone in the world remembers the original Death Note outburst. The Japanese police are working with L's successor who goes by Ryuuzaki in order to find the new Kira and collect the 6 Death Notes.


( Spoilers follow after the Non-Semi-Spoilers )Collapse )


Overall: This is very enjoyable and a high quality productions and I really loved Ikematsu and Suda's performances. I also love Misa's role in this story. However, the story was very predictable and used no new tricks and the ending got a little confusing. But I still say it's worth a watch and the entertainment value.
Rating: 7/10
30 November 2016 @ 12:57 pm

I found it highly amusing that the theatre I went to on the Thursday was exactly NEXT to the the theatre I went to on the Friday:


The theatre is like way underground-ish which was surprisng but the entrance looked TINY so I'm glad that once you went down the stairs and such that it opened up a little but it was still rather small. The seating area in the theare itself was only about 6 rows of 12 chairs! Luckily it was full too! I was luckily 3rd row and I didn't need my good glasses I was that close!! Also before the stage started three of the members came out to tell us the rules but told us in such a hilarious way that we couldn't stop laughing. Being thrid row naturally they ALL spotted my straight away! Kimura kept looking my way first out of shock and then more out of curiosity xD

Then the show started!



*unfortunately there's no character names listed in the pamphlet so I'll be using actor's names.

One day it's Subaru's father's funeral and him and 7 other young people have been gathered together. Nomura reveals that they're all actually related and have the same father so it's all about finding proof that they are all actually related and if they realy do all have the same father. As it's turns out Subaru's father who died is gay and this super nice father so took in each of their mothers in times of need (sometimes to get away from their abusive soon-to-be-ex husbands or simply because they were poor single mothers almost having no place to stay etc) and would put his names on the birth certificates and marry the mothers until they got back on their feet. Not only did he help the mothers out but also it allowed him to fulfill his wish of being a father. How pure is that?!?! Oh jesus I'm starting to cry now thinking about it.

There's a lot of elements to this story including a lot of improvised comedy and emotions that just hit you right in the feels! There's also some very real topics of discussion such as DV, adoption, trying to be yourself, trying to hide yourself, homosexuality and being family even if you're not blood related. All these topics were handled VERY VERY well. I was especially impressed by how they handled the last two. Very quickly all the characters are like 'so what if he's gay or bi? He's our father no matter what! Even if he's not really our father by blood, even if we aren't really related, we're all now siblings thanks to our father helping our mothers.' << oh god I'm crying again...

This stage really did hit me right in the feels.

If you don't know about me. I have one mother, two fathers, and while none of them have sexuality or DV problems, just the whole 'my step father is my father no matter what, even if he's not blood related to me' and 'my dad will always be there even if he isn't physically and I know he'd do anything for me' just like their father in this, and it really does hit a range of emotions (obviously all positive) for me. Unfortunately I went on filming day (again xD two days in a row!) and I purchased the DVD SO I'll probably be able to hear my crying when it comes out xD



There's actually about four casts: Shirakura Group, Kimura Group and Two Shuffle Groups

( Beware of excessive JP and Kimura praise xD )Collapse )


Overall: This was so funny! A lot of improvisation and a lot of great chemistry between the cast too! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I was lucky enough to go on filming day too and it was so enjoyable that I preordered the DVD right there! I was luckily enough to speak to the cast after the show too which was an amazing experience <3 I'm so glad I went! And this stage impressed me so much that I'm going to even keep an eye on not only Kimura but also the acting company itself and try the other shows it does in the future. This was also a very touching and close to home story so it had me in tears at the end but tears of happiness! I love how they handled topics like sexuality and non-blood-related family ties too.
Rating: 9/10

I went to a play full of people I didn't know last Thursday for the first time in a long time, and it was really nice going in with no expectations, especially after Kuroshitsuji's disappointment (see here) and before Death Note's disappointment (review coming soon)! I really enjoyed myself at this play!! It was so nice just going in blank and enjoying it to it's fullest! I think I'm gunna start taking a step back from 2.5 (which is blowing up at a crazy rate) and start going to these more... niche(?) or at least with less known actors. Same thing happened last Friday but that review will come after this one xD Lets get started shall we!


Useful Links
Official Website
News Coverage 1
Videos 1



The story was actually very straight forward but first let me break down the groups we had in the stage:

Youkai Protectors: Jin, Sakura, Shizukagoen, Yoshitsune, Momotarou, Susanou, Valkrie, Ryuuko, Kaguya, Jikfrik, Amaterasu

Youkai Enemies: Oppenheimer, Veronika, Basara, Usume

Scientists/Youkai Changers: Doctor Shubalts, Jami, Tengu/Shisou

Youkai: Kizuke, Mitsumesumashi, Jinbee, Daruma

Jami is also a Youkai but you'll understand why he's not in this Youkai group. Also apparently Jin and possibly Momotarou are demons so there's that too. Anyways! Onto the story:

So apparently the Enemies and the Youkai Protectors are constantly coming to blows because naturally the Enemies want to destroy and kill all the Youkai while the protectors want to save the ones that really aren't a threat. But one day a youkai gets changed into a human and slowly more and more are getting turned into humans and it's all down to the work of Doctor Shubalts. The Protectors friend the Youkai, especially one they end up calling Kisuke BUT the human-turned-youkais begin to have outbursts of rage and attack anyone in their path, naturally Kisuke doesn't want to hurt her new friends so together her and the Portectors try to find the Doctor so they can turn her back into a Youkai. While this is going on the enemy are naturally taking advantaging of this situation and raging around killing all the new turned human-youkai. So the Protectors not only have to find the doctor for the sake of Kisuke but they also have to stop the enemy from attacking Kisuke and other human-turned-youkai as well as try to stop the Doctor from creating anymore youkai-humans that keep going on rampages.

I may have made this sound super confusing but it's actually REALLy simple and I love how simple the plot it yet it ends up being really touching and exciting! Also we get a lot of character backstory -- which really impressed me because it didn't feel like too much was getting thrown at us yet we not only got the main story, but also backstories for Yoshitsune, Tengu, Jami, Jin (a little), Miroku, Momotarou (a little) AND Basara!! How crazy it that! Yet it never felt like too much << that's impressive!

I'll go onto the backstories a little:

( A lot of pics below )Collapse )


Overall: It was so refreshing going into a play without any expectations, not knowing the story and the cast and just being simply entertained for two hours. It was so much fun! A lot of up and coming actors in this too that I'd like to keep an eye on. The story was simple but touching (I did cry!). I went on filming day luckily and I am DEFINITELY buying the DVD! But dammit I wish I'd had the balls to talk to the actors after the show -__-
Rating: 8/10
23 November 2016 @ 11:39 pm

I watched this yesterday! I funnily enough I've been following KuroMyu pretty much since it first came out on DVD by some random coincidence I came across the musicals and enjoyed them (obviously this was after I began reading the manga but... I think before I even started the anime!!). So I was SUPER pumped to see this! Especially because they were gunna be doing one of my favourite arcs in the world; the circus arc!! <3

Useful Links
Official Site
Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



I will admit the stage looked freaking amazing on standby and it had some many thngs going on and it loked super kool!
I was also somehow lucky enough to get an arena seat which I've never experienced at Tokyo Dome City Hall before!! So I felt super VIP because I know how hard it is to get a ticket for arena for like Tenimyu and I know KuroMyu is super popular too so I think myself miraculously lucky to get such a seat!


The musical started with two comedic people coming on stage and doing tricks like juggling and playing with kendama and it was very funny, also some people walked in later while they were walking around the arena and they stalked them over to their seats and then asked another girl who she'd come for and such and if the tricks ever went wrong they were like 'It's cos I'm not taking it seriously yet' xD

I'm not going to discuss the plot, I'm sure you can find the summary of the circus arc here.

Okay let's do ALL the aesthetics first

( There are criticisms so you"ve been warned )Collapse )

Okay I'm done! How many want to kill me?


Overall: While I was super impressed with the entire look of it all and those kid actors were/are seriously amazing. I felt too much of what Kuroshitsuji is supposed to be was cut out for the sake of replacing it with the entertainment-factor, which is not what I want from my Kuroshitsuji's.
Rating: 6.5/10 << Yes I understand I said a lot of positives in this review but I already don't particularly feel anything for this musical so I can't really put it anything above a 7 or something.
08 November 2016 @ 01:07 pm

Last night I went and watched Tono Monogatari which is Seto's newest play. It actually has a rather long run and the theater has three floors! It was fully packed! I honestly had no idea what it was about and was under the impression that because it was starting at the end of October, that it was going to be a horror story. But on Sunday a student kindly informed me that Tono is an area in Japan that's famous for monsters, ghosts and yokai, so naturally my mind changed on as to what the story would be about.

*Important Links

Official Website here
Image credits and new article coverage here and here
Seto Video Comments here and here


Thanks to the FC lottery I got a really good seat! Row F! So I was super close to the stage! Thank you Seto Koji! BUT I was surrounded by either couples (which is odd but they were much older so I can understand that) or girls who were obviously there because of Seto but more so the former. In fact 90% of the audience were much older (50s and 60s) and I'd say at least 40% were male! Clearly a crowd I'm not used to but have experienced now and again through the year. It's only naturally because the two main characters and actors are not only very famous, but also in their 50s-ish so it matches the audience.


The beginning starts off which the main actor (who also wrote the script) explaining how he'll be using a lot of different dialects (Tokyo, Tohoku etc.) in the story including his own which is kansai-ben. He also released tension in the room by cracking a few jokes which I wasn't expecting and surprisingly it continued on into the story too, but I'll explain that more later.



Nakamura Tooru
Seto Koji
Yamauchi Takaya
Iketani Nobue
Yasui Junpei
Hamada Shinya
Ando Wakou
Ishiyama Renge

*PS. My kanji reading for names is getting so good! I hardly had to google how to read these! xD

( Story, Stage, Seto Fangirling and Accent Discussion )Collapse )


And there we have it! This review took longer than expected but it definitely didn't take a much time as it normally does. I hope it was coherent enough to be understood, especially in the parts where I try to explain the story dynamics.

Have a good day! ^_^

On Tuesday I finally went to my last two shows of the month - it's been an absolutely CRAZY month! And let me tell you, the craziness started BEFORE the show even began!


This play is the 3rd installment for the series and the basic plot is (this is gunna be so shitty, I understand the plot completely in my mind but explaining it is hard):

Kase and Naoya are reincarnations of past feudal war lords, and it is basically their job to live in through different reincarnations and different generations and times fighting against evil spirits that are tring to get revenge or are posessing other people. Every time our main characters die, they take on another's body and life.

Did that make enough sense? Does that sound interesting enough? Good!

Oh and one more small thing; every time they get reincarnated they have a decision between taking on this body's person's memories and possibly losing their own, or throwing away that person's life in order to keep on to who they are as a person. Complicated right? Sorry!

And they (Sho and MakiChan) had said on a stream that even first timers will understand the story and plot of this installment so I didn't have to worry about watching any of the others before seeing this ^_^

The PreShow

Well I just sold my soul. I came with 30,000 for the day and I was stood at the front of the counter trying to figure out how to save 400yen cos I'd gone over my budget. But in my defense the DVDs I bought are my Christmas presents -- but now I'm paying for it because I have no money to afford all my senkou tickets for this month =[ so I might have to cancel a few tickets (including my Seto one) if I hit...


^^ Everything I bought... I regret nothing!!


^^ The freebies <3


^^ My christmas presents!

Now onto theseating. I got an aisle seat for the first one which is awesome! And my second seat wasn't too bad either which is nice ^_^ Got a good view whatever =]


Also before the show, they announced that the play is 2hours and 30mins without a break which shocked me a little... also a girl next to me was writing a letter and was writing her address on the back of her letter envelope. I've never thought of doing that!! Most of my Japanese friends go 'why do you not write your line or your email in your letters'? and my only answer is 'Cos it's like a rule not to!' But the more people ask me why I don't, the more I think 'why the fuck not' because in reality if the actor has a brain, he ain't gunna contact a fan is he?! If he does... he's an idiot. In my opinion haha anyway...

ALSO! There was a specific announcement on the blog before the show performances even started which stated 'do not look at your pamphlet until after the show and if you do look, please do it somewhere where others won't see it,' yet some mother fucker sat next to me was flipping through the pamphlet wide open! I tried so hard not to look! But it really made me angry that they clearly hadn't seen the twitter OR blog announcement of it.... -_- respect the system!

Anyway! Now onto the show!!

The Show

**Quick note. I made 39 mental notes during my second viewing of this stage BUT I've forgotten at least 10 of the points so sorry! Wish I had the balls to sit with my notebook and quickly write notes as I watched plays...


Actual Main Characters:
Kase - Tamita Sho
Naoya - Aramaki Yoshihiko

Other Main Characters:
Mari - Tsukui Minami
Ryo - Fujimoto Ryo
Sasaki - Kasahra Shinji

Other Characters:
Kuchiki - Masuda Yuuki
James D Handou - Hayashi Shuji
Cain - Saikawa Koji
Ryanchi - Ando Ayaka
Kanezaki - Nishijo Yoshimasa
Mizutani Atsushi

Okamoto Ruri
Saiou Masako
Ikeuchi Risa
Sugawara Takeshi
Ogasawara Tatsuya
Kitamuta Kai
Yuasa Masayuki

First thing I noticed; the music and the projection mapping! The projection mapping is very good! I really like the opening graphics and it's so cool how they introduce everyone while using the projection mapping and the power spell things are super cool too! And the music is amazing! I really hope they put it on a soundtrack CD!! Seriously, it's so good and very empowering and very actiony. The theme music?! OMG give it to me now!! BUT in contrast to the music which is very empowering, the play itself is very slow and there's like no action in it. Which really surprised me because I was expecting a lot of action and fight scenes and a lot of powers being used etc. but it wasn't this at all! So that really shocked me the first time and disppointed and bored me a little the first time around. The second showing I knew what I was getting into so could enjoy it a little more.

IMG_0966 (2)

I really enjoyed how the stage worked too! First: not a lot of stairs! So naturally my anxiety wasn't playing up xD Also they would open sections and pull out whole settings which was cool and simply pull them back to change the scene and such. And of couse the projection mapping helped with setting the scene (the switches between the settings where they would have black and white shots of old Shanghai and in another Tokyo Tower being built etc. so beatiful!).

(Most of my negatives are mainly from my first viewing.) At the end of the first show I was also a little confused because I felt the first half didn't have anything to do with the actual main story of the play which took place in the second half of the stage! Also the main characters are literally non-existent in the first half of this show which again is a little disappointing. BUT turns out that it's true that it's not really suppose to relate to the main plot of the stage. The first half of the stage is just simply showing previous lives of three out of our five main characters. Seemingly, according to my friend who I spoke to after the stage, this whole first half is there to make up for the lack of backstory of the three-non-main-main characters we got in the previous two plays. So in a sense I get why this first half way needed but personally, I could do without those three MC's back stories. The only two people and characters that matter are the two actual main characters am I right?!?! xD

Also I was expecting it to be very action packed and that just didn't happen so I was a little disappointed there too... anyway! To the good stuff!

( Enjoy the historical adventure xD )Collapse )


This was a lot easier to write than Okimesu xD thank god!

Okay I am a crazy motherchucker who went and watched his 5, yes five, times! But also in my defense, when I hit for ALL 5 back in May, you either paid for all the tickets or didn't pay for any (you couldn't pick and choose) so technically it's their fault xD but anyway!


Before the play I obviously read the actual Shakespearian play and while it took me a few acts to get used to the language again, I had no problem understanding it which is awesome! But I was super surprised at how many people hadn't read Shakespeare! Like people were ridiculously shocked at some moments and I was like 'read the book! How have you not read the book?!?!' but I kinda have to remember that Shakespeare isn't in the school cirriculum here... but still! Don't people usually read the adapted books before they see something?!?!?! Or again, is that just me?

Luckily the play follows the script rather faithfully and even more luckily is that in Japanese? They use SUPER modern and simple Japanese, unlike the Shakespearian language, so the stage was easy to understand too! ^_^

Some pictures from the performances can be found here and here.



Yanagishita Tomo - Orlando
Maeyama Takahisa - Rosalind
Nishii Yukito - Celia
Makita Tetsuya - Touchstone
Kaji Masaki - Charles // Jacques
Mikami Shinji - Oliver // Collin
Endo Yuya - Le Beau // Forest Guy // Audrey
Yamada Yusuke - Forest Guy // Phoebe // Priest
Ishida Keisuke - Adam // William
Matsuo Kiji - Duke Frederick // Duke Senior
Suzuki Souma - Lord Amiens // Haymen
Okubou Shoutarou - Silvius

I'll go through the story and such and the scenes in as much order as I can and then I'll do little sections between where things changes as I went through the performances... make sense? I hope it did xD

So first thing which surprised me is that when I walked in, BAM(!) Tomo is stood at the front of the stage looking straight at me. Every performance from doors opening the actors would be on stage preparing. First it would be Tomo-Mae-Nishi, Then Mikami would come on and soon after Tomo would leave, but then Kaji-Yamada-Okubo-Endo-Yamada would come on and they would probably laugh and talk amongst themselves or they would start to play games (like wink murder or this game where you have to say 'shashashashasha jijijijiji' which always killed me xD And during this opening, Mae, Nishii, Mikami would leave. Finally Mikami, Mae and Nishi would come back on, Mikami was in charge of telling the audience to turn their phones off etc. and finally the Duke Senior would come on in full clothing and the show would begin.

10/18 (= October 18th) Tomo's control of handstands is amazing! He would do cartwheels and handstands on the stage (he did it another few times too during the performances I watched). Today they played the whistle song was hilarious xD One of the guys couldn't actually whistle! We all lost it >.< also, Nishi really does remind me of my sister xD
10/20 Probably because they saw me, they would start saying (in English) 'Who are you?! I'm Celia! I'm Orlando!' etc. Nishi cannot pronounce Celia in English to save his life, he said SHEEEElia instead xD totally cute. But everyone in the audience laughed so it's not just be who knew it sounded wrong.
10/24 Tomo had even MORE control over his handstands this day. And they did the English thing again xD Also Yamada told Kaji and Okubou that he'd gotten his nose hairs (ripped) taken out and Kaji was like 'that's bad! You no long have a forest to protect you from germs getting inside... what if you sneeze?!' which is actually a very valid point but also amusing to hear.

We first begin with the music and those on stage would do a clapping opening. I can't really explain it but I really enjoy the scene a lot! (I just checked the script one last time and yes it follows the play exactly - although I feel an Audrey/Touchstone scene got moved up but that's about it, so I'm not gunna explain much of the actual scenes, you can read scene summaries for that!)

( There"s a lot -- sorry! )Collapse )


And there we have it! I should really be more organised. I should write one review and just add to it as I go through the performances... but I didn't do that so I had a mass of notes in DATE order rather than story order xD

17 October 2016 @ 07:50 pm

Here we are for another round!! This time we have:

-Ballerino Keiji
-Kin'Iro no Corda
-Brother's Conflict
-刑事一徹 (命懸けで捜査に挑む犯人より心配性な男) = Stubborn Detective
-Smoking Gun
-Fuben na Benriya
-Kokoro ga Pokitto Ni
-Diabolik Lovers
-Shitamachi Rocket
-Angel Heart

With this I'll have COMPLETELY caught up with ALL anime/dorama/movie reviews! ^_^ But same as last time, if there's anything from past (Season) Wrap Ups where you want a full review then let me know ^_^

Let's get started with the reviews because there's 13 things I have to talk about today.

( Are you ready for a wayy too long of a review? xD )Collapse )


I DID IT!! ^_^ Now I'm ALL caught up! I'm so sorry if this is long but now I can be a little less stressed xD by the way, what BULK review do you want next? I have:

- D Stage 10th Anniversary DVD Collection
- Messiah
- Saiyuuki
- Hakuouki

They're all stages. My gut is telling me to go in the order in which I marathoned them, but what do you think?
12 October 2016 @ 10:15 am
Photo published for 「INKT LIVEHOUSE TOUR 2016」に関するお願い

So on Saturday I had the chance to go and see Tanaka freaking Koki live at a concert for the first time in over 4 years! Excited and shitting myself is an understatement.

If you all don't know, I freaking LOVE Koki and was totally heartbroken when he got forced out of JE but then got super happy when he started this band and while I've go all the albums and casually followed his blog and twitter, I didn't get a chance to see him until now! I was a little hesistant to buying the ticket at first but then I was like 'it's Koki! He ain't gunna disappoint' and he did not! OMG!!!

The concert was at a live house which are TINY stage rooms normally underground and there were only about 150 of us (fans) there so when he came out on stage, I immediately turned to my friend and we both went 'holy shit he's so close to us!' we didn't realise we'd be like HAND width away from him! And because of the lights and the random MCs that took place and the stuff Koki ended up doing during the concert, he definitely met eyes with EVERYONE else at least 5 times the entire concert! He definitely saw everyone who turned up! Holy moly...

Also me and my friend were like 'this is a standing con right? They'll only do like 90 minutes right?' the con went on for OVER 2 hours and we loved EVERY minute of it! We didn't want it to end!

Seriously guys, Koki has NOT changed. He still adorable and funny and so so so so honest about his feelings and you can feel it in his voice when he speaks that he's being sincerer <3 oh my I still love him! It was a relief to see him so happy and so well and so UNCHANGED and genuine!

Especially towards the end when he spoke about how INKT has just turned 2 years yet they've already lost a member and they started this tour in Kouchi but almost no one turned up so seeing how many turned up at Yokohama had made them all very happy. And they didn't even chant for an encore at Kouchi so they were all such grateful that we cheered so hard for two encores! He just kept saying 'you're feelings have hit my directly here (hold his hand) and I'm so greatful. I'm grateful you all came here today. We (the members) all have our our circumstances and things happen but being here with you guys makes it all worth it.'

He also said something that REALLY touched with him 'the one thing you can't do... is give up. Never give up. I'll never give up. So you shouldn't give up either. You can run away, but never give up.' and I thought it was a beautiful thing to say.

If you wanna see more fanreports/member tweets etc from this live then see here.

Luckily someone put up a song list too:

And even more lucky; I knew ALL the songs! It was one of those 'you don't realise how well you know the songs til you're tested' and it was so good singing along with Koki <3

Because it was a rock live too it was much more relax than a JE con (obviously) and we were all clapping, yelling, chanting, singing, jumping, there was a mini mosh pit too, handbanging and towards the end Koki semi-crowd surfed and stuff. So much fun!! But I was SO shattered after it xD I used SO much energy! I really hope they add another date for Yokohama on this tour so I can go again!

I seriously enjoyed it and it was great seeing Kok alive and well and enjoying what he's doing and seeing he hasn't changed and just... I'm very happy and glad I went <3
11 October 2016 @ 12:48 pm
I haven't written one of these since April (here) =O That's disgusting and ridiculous and needs sorting now! I do apologise how STAGE central my blog had become this year so hopefully the next few posts can be more doramas, movie, anime and even some actual events-based posts. If you want a holiday post as well I'll do that too so let me know!! ^_^


Today we have:
Joker Game
In The Hero
Douhitemo Furetakunai
K: Missing King
Ghost in the Shell
Hakuouki: Otogisoushi
K: Return of Kings
High&Low Season 1 and 2

Okay let's go!


Joker Game [Japan - 2015 - Movie 9/10]

( Lots of differently rated reviews here! Enjoy ! )Collapse )


I did it!! Did you miss these posts? Hopefully another will be up soon.

ALSO! If there's anything from this post that you want a full length review of, let me know!
11 October 2016 @ 12:15 am

Original Post here.


Acting Troupe D-BOYS' Direct Hit on Dramatic Dream Life
Dramas, Movies, Theater and the like, they're working on multi-platforms. Watanabe Entertaint's Acting Troupe D-BOYS.
This is the guys' direct hit projects and dramatic dream lives serialisation!
This time; Opening from October 14th is D-Stage's 19th 'As You Like It' which these three will appear in ♪


✰ Tomo-san (Yanagishita) is an  ill-tempered, hot/cold guy usually but that's just a spur of his love *laugh*

--D-Stage 19th 'As You Like It' has a long rehearsal period but, at this current stage what's the reaction been like?

Makita Tetsuya: Maechan (Maeyama) who is performing as Rosalind has a lot of lines and is someone who drives the story forward. However, it's a female role and half way through she dresses as a man which is a complicated role to attempt/challenge, but he was able to unlayer the character, right?
Maeyama Takahisa: You're right. I feel I got it right.
Yanagishita Tomo: *imitating Maeyama's tiny voice* Thanks to who?!
Maeyama: It's all thanks to Tomo-san *laughs*
Yanagishita: What? Me? I didn't really do anything though!?
Makita: You guys are annoying! *laughs*

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Enjoy! Sorry if some of it is dodgy! I’m still rusty as I slowly get back into translating again.

07 October 2016 @ 04:39 pm
I didn't give myself time to go looking for 'torso of the week' pictures this week, so to make up for it; I'm finally posting the small collection of Aogeba Nijiro screenpcap I took because he looked so good in it! ^_^ Enjoy!


Have a good weekend guy! ^_^

I'm currently working on a D-Boys translation AND I'm working on another 'Last Things I Watched' post because I'm behind on reviewing about 20 doramas/movies/animes that I've watched this year but were NOT released this year ^_^

I promised my friends I wouldn't spoilt his for them on tweet so I'm writing it on here asap because I SERIOUSLY need to talk about this musical! Because OH MY GOD! I think it's won best musical of the year for me seriously! But more of that later!

Pre-Show Antics

It was A LOT quieter and nicer at the theater than I'm usually used to. I think because A. this has SUCH a long run in Tokyo (something like 30 shows!) and it was a week day, that goods and everything were VERY easy and quick to get through this time! ^_^

I had row 9 today and I luckily got an Aisle seat too! <3


About 5 minutes before the play started a guy walks in from the curtain to the right of me and straight away I recognised it was Kuroba Mario! Even though he had a facemask on that covered pretty much his entire face bar his eyes and had this HUGE hat on. I knew straight away! <3 But because I'd already turned my phone off, I immediately thought 'I'm gunna spend the next 2 hours and 10mins wanting to tell twitter' and to be honest, it was in the back of my mind the entire time xD when I saw him my brain went 'MARIOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!' xD


Also once the first part of the show started and we had a little break, I noticed I had a perfectly clear diagonal shot of him and he is gorgeous in real life(!) and out of costume! And his hair was really nice too! Also, it didn't look like he'd cried at the first part either (more on mine and everyone else's tears later).

Mario was in the previous Touken Musical (See my review here) as Mikatsuki aka Jiji!


And then it began!! So now onto the good stuff!


RUN TIME: 2hrs 10

TOTAL: 2hrs 50mins plus 15 minute break (19:00 ~ 22:00)

We follow the Shinsengumi and Okita Souji. The story begins with Hijikata, Kondo and Okita before the Shinsengumi group forms and then again during the Ikedaya incident and again once Okita is hospitalised, and the end with Kondo. If you've ever seen Hakuouki then that's all you need to remember. I'd researched SO much about the Bakumatsu before watching this so I would be able to understand BUT as soon as it started with the historical scenes, I thought 'Oh! This happened in Hakuouki! And this scene too! And this too!' So just go watch that anime to know what history you're gunna get xD

It could possibly be because I'm much more familiar with the Shinsengumi rather than Yoshitsune (the plot/story line from the previous TouMyu (=Touken Ranbu Musical)), BUT I found this one MUCH easier to follow and understand! I can't think of a moment where I was actually lot or didn't understand what was happening or being said which is great!

The Cast and Characters


Cast (Character then Actor named):

Kashuu Kiyomitsu - Sato Ryuji
Yamatonokami Yasusada - Torigoe Yuki
Izuminokami Kanesada - Arisawa Shotaro
Horikawa Kunihiro - Ogoe Yuuki (also known as Ogotan)
Hachitsuka Kotetsu - Takahashi Kensuke
Nagasone Kotetsu - Imari Yu

Kondou Isami - Gomoto Naoya
Hijikata Toshizo - Takagi Tomoyuki
Okita Souji - Tochihara Rakuto
+ Ensemble of 18 members

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Rating: 9.5/10 (I gotta take some off forsome dodgy singing and hated character xD)
Overall: This is THE best musical of the year for me. I would say best play of the year but remember how much Orphans blew me away? And I've still (hopefully) got Touken STAGE in December which I imagine will win best 2.5 Theater Stage for me this year xD They stepped it up tremendously!

**I've edited in two new parts so just Control F and search 'Edit' (I've added a bit more to justify my thoughts on Nagasone and Hachisuka and I've added a completely new section for the staging and soundtrack!)

Holy crap 5 hours later and I'm done! You better appreciate it!! xD