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01 September 2012 @ 04:07 am
[sticky post] Help?!  
Will you help me?!?!

Below are links to entries where I have many pictures of my idols and I need information about the pictures!
I seem to have some OCD about needing to know EVERYTHING about a picture: Date, Person, Year, Type (Magazine/Photoset etc), Magazine Name.

Seto Koji Help Part 1: Photosets
Kamenashi Kazuya Help Part 1
KAT-TUN Help Part 1: Pairs/Trios, Junno, Ueda, Nakamaru, Extra.
07 June 2018 @ 02:13 pm

Here they are, I check these guys regularly because I love them ^_^

rossanav6 jesheslove kissmegreen makichan5 dual_tsubasa setolove pali_mari maomaochan blue_panda26 ayc_akuma leefubuki madzia963 beccy_chan sberry1582  galuvkat_tun pornvilai

And Communities I absolutely love <3 jone_records kattunlove kame_world tomoaday bl_a_day yanagishitomo d_boys jdramas ikemen_daily d_date d_translations setogifaday shouhei_a_day amaris_subs plotboxes going_gonin plotboxes kamesanctuary


~^-^-~ JE MEME ~^-^-~

Taken From: http://marchingj.livejournal.com/893.html

hi, my name is Alex. nice to meet you. name:: Alex
JE #1 bias: KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya
JE fandom/s: KAT-TUN, NEWs, Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP, ABC-Z.
fandoms besides JE: D-Boys, Japanese Doramas/Films.
twitter: sambart93
anything else?: I love JE! ^_^

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Translations MasterCheck Post [see the complete list and where to find them!]
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- DORAMAS/FILMS can now be found here.

Can be found at this post.

06 October 2015 @ 08:29 pm

Not gunna lie, minus the anime, I watched all these in the past 3 days! Becareful for SPOILERS and don't forget my massive 14 part review that I did last time, here. All my other 'Last Things' can be found under this tag.

( Some beautiful Nijiro caps btw )Collapse )


And that's it! I hope you enjoyed those reviews xD I do apologise for the language. I think I'm gunna try and do a non-swearing review next time as a challenge xD I am now going to go and watch Assassination Classroom and Kabukichou Love Hotel I think now. it's only 8pm and on my day off so I can easily fit in two movies right! ^_^

Have you seen any these? Want to see? What did you think? Any recommendations?
05 October 2015 @ 11:02 pm

Watched this today!! =]

( Review Below )Collapse )


Overall Rating: 9/10
Overall Thoughts: OMG this was so good!!!! Probably second best movie of the year! The acting, story, music, sound, cinematography, CGI was all amazing!! I wanted so much more! Wish it'd been a dorama, hence the one point being knocked off. This is great! I haven't read the manga so I can't compare but for me, I freaking loved this!! ^_^ And of course I cried twice xD
02 October 2015 @ 07:24 pm

Are you ready for Tbscreenrider's most anticipated review of the year?! xD

First as usual my play-by-play:

( as I watch )Collapse )


Overall Rating: 7 out of 10
Overall Thoughts:
My original rating was 8/10 but after 24+ hours time to think, I have knocked it down to a 7/10 and I think my reasons justify why...
In my honest opinion, the film focuses too much on the stuff I don't wanna know about. The actual plot of the story is unfortunately the only other genre of Japanese movie/tv (besides high school bullying) that I'm sick of watching (haha see that pun?!) and try not to watch anymore cos it just fucking rips you apart and I'm sick of just watching it happen over and over again.
Another reason why it's down to a 7 is that I feel, once again, I wasn't shown much of Nijiro's acting. He had a short moment (once again) towards the end where he got a chance to really show off his skill as an actor and once again, the scene was too short and I feel he wasn't given enough room to show off and grow. Don't get me wrong, the scene was fantastic but I wanted to see more of his range.
Another reason is that, I wasn't moved by this film. Even though the film kept me interested the entire time, I wasn't emotional nor did I feel anything towards to characters except for Nijiro's character and his father and Kyoko's father.
I also feel like there was no message to it. Normally with a slow film like this, the message of the film hits you as soon as the movie's finished cos right at the end the big picture comes into view and you realise what the director's message is but here, unfortuantely, I don't feel that happened at all. I don't understand what the point of this film was nor what message the director and writers wanted to project to it's audience.
I also feel like one of the last scenes of the film really cheapened and ruined the film. It just wasn't needed in my opinion. It could've been completely removed and would've been a much better ending. Feels like it was only added in to create a shock factor.

The plus sides are the setting and the cinematopgraphy! I feel the director and I are very similar in our filming style in terms of nature and such and once again, I was happy with acting from Nijiro but I wanted more. The last major thing I don't get: Why is it translted into 'Still the Water'?! The title actually translated to 'The Second Window' and I think that name matches the film better. This is definitely a film I want to own on DVD some day purely because of the positives and how beautifully filmed it is.

So the real question is: How much does Tbscreenrider hate me now? =/

PS. If you haven't already, I suggest you check out Nijiro's instagram. It's fucking gorgeous and makes you like him even more!!
02 October 2015 @ 07:22 pm
Well it finally ended =[

Here we go!!

( DAT ASS! )Collapse )


Overall Rating: 7/10
Overall Thoughts: This series started out slow but damn it got so juicy from around the 14/15 episode mark onwards! This was such a great series! Definitely not the best but I'd say maybe... top 3? Definitely top 5 out of all the KRs I've seen <3 Just DAMNIT CHASE! If you need ONE reason to watch this series. Just Chase's ass man... It got it ALL going on! It ended up being a 'how many crotch shots will we get this episode' type of game cos they dang pants *nosebleed* I am happy (minus one part) how it ended for the most part and I think the entire story as a whole was great and ended well so I am a satisfied girl minus y'know... WRITER RAGE!!!

So yesterday I faced reality that I need to start actually using the stuff I buy so it actually has more than 'idol-face' value to me xD
Here's what (as of yesterday) was stuff I hadn't opened/looked at/read/watched:

Heroin Shikakku Novelisation
Bakuman Vol.1
Saint Onii-san Vol.1
Heroin Shikkaku Vol.4
Orange Vol.2
The Real Face of KAT-TUN CD/DVD/Booklet
KAT-TUN Countdown 2014 - 2015 Kyocera Dome
Come Here in Yoyogi x3 (YES I needed all the editions so yes I probably have the same concert 3 times - I don't care!)
Come Here in Tokyo

D-LIVE 2015 Pamphlets
Aoi Shushi ha Taiyou no naka ni Aru Pamphlet
TV Guide from Early August
Fine Boys September 2015
KAT-TUN Come Here Pamphlet
KAT-TUN Quarter Pamphlet
Seto Koji Book
CanCam September 2015


Luckily as of last night I'd gone through the D-LIVE Pamplets, The TV Guide (if anyone wants translation of the DN interview - let me know!), Fine Boys (again, let me know if you want Yamazaki translation), CanCam bar Yamamoto's section (again Yamazaki//Yamamoto translations) and almost all of Seto Book bar two written sections.

I actually own a lot less stuff than I thought which is great xD haha

29 September 2015 @ 12:45 am
So I've been wanting to watch these doramas recently but dunno where to start to hoping you guys can pitch in....

BUT before we begin: Tbscreenrider don't you DARE start mentioning Nijiro's stuff! His stuff is already on my official 'must watch asap' list and not this list which is 'thinking of watching' COMPLETELY different list xP I'm especially interested in watching 'Why Don't You Play In Hell?' first of his...

These are two I've been meaning to watch for a LONG time and STILL not gotten around to them!

Library Wars (futuristics, I think libraries are bad in this future) and Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro (comedy, fantasy, nice to see Yamada do comedy).

And then there is the massive amount of Suda Masaki that turns out I haven't seen!!! o_O

Soko no mi ni te hikaru teraku, Akegarasu, Chocolietta, Hidamari no Kanojo, The Backwater, The Boy Inside, and Assassination Classroom

I met with my friend yesterday and she seriously recommended these films to me too...

Romeo, A.K.A. Kosuke Matsuyama, is a second-year high school student. A nice, normal, nonviolent type, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a rampaging crowd of Korean boys, outraged by insults perpetrated by several of his idiotic class-mates on two Korean girls. He makes a narrow escape, but soon after, he and his best bud Norio Yoshida are sent by their home-room teacher to invite the Korean students to a friendly soccer game as a way of restoring the peace.
Trembling like black-uniformed leaves, they enter enemy territory, where Kosuke encounters a doll-faced, but serious-looking girl Kyung-Ja Lee playing a Korean folk song, "Imjin River," on a flute. He and Norio Yoshida are also nearly lynched by her older brother Ang Son Lee and his gang, but he is already smitten -- and eager to learn that haunting tune.

The story begins with Sekiuchi (Kitamura Soichiro), boss of the Sannokai, a huge organized crime syndicate controlling the entire Kanto region, issuing a stern warning to his lieutenant Kato (Miura Tomokazu) and right-hand man Ikemoto (Kunimura Jun), head of the Ikemoto-gumi. Kato orders Ikemoto to bring the unassociated Murase-gumi gang in line, and he immediately passes the task on to his subordinate Otomo (Beat Takeshi), who runs his own crew. The tricky jobs that no-one wants to do always end up in Otomo’s lap.

ALSO! My flatmate JUST recommended this to me!

Like Father, Like Son

So what does everyone think?!
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28 September 2015 @ 11:47 pm

Watched it about an hour ago so here we go with the review! And I think you'll be partially shocked...


Rule One: Forget the origins of Shingeki no Kyojin and just take this version for what it is. Once you're in that mindset, I think (just like me) you'll enjoy the second half a LOT more than the first movie! Yes you heard it here for: I enjoyed it!

( the end of the review )Collapse )


Overall Rating: 7/10
Overall Thoughts: I enjoyed this one a LOT more than the first one and I knew I would when I saw the trailer at the end of the last film. This was action packed, Hanjo was hilarious, so many gay moments <3 but of course it had it's down, mainly one certain person and that DAMN ending!!!! RAGE! But was an improvement from the first film. I would say if you watched the first then defo invest time in the second film (with the mind set of no comparing it to the anime/manga) but if you didn't see the first and have no real interest or intention to then don't even attemp to watch these two films.
26 September 2015 @ 06:36 pm


( Prepare for more negs than I anticipated =/ )Collapse )


Overall Rating: 8/10
Overall Thoughts - NON-SPOILER This was a very cute drama and while it took it's time to grab my interest, I was invested by the end and was crying like a bitch. The best performance was definitely from Shison in my opinion! He was just WOW! My heart seriously <3 and I felt that Nijiro (especially seen as Tbscreenrider raves about him so much) didn't get much room or chance to show his talents as an actor. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probs rewatch it and/or watch the anime in future =]
24 September 2015 @ 03:16 pm
Here I am with a list of doramas (and anime) that I want to watch this Autumn season!! =]

( I think there"s 5 )Collapse )

And now anime:

( anime )Collapse )

What are you watching this season?
24 September 2015 @ 02:37 pm

I have 14 things to review for you guys tonight and then I'll officially caught up! Are you ready? There's everything from Sports Doramas to Romanctic Comedy movies to SPs to comedy! Do enjoy! Of course the posters will always be before the review/spoilers so just skip to the next post if you don't want to be spoiled ^_^ I will say there's possible spoilers in ALL of these so be warey! And they're all JAPANESE =]


( 14 reviews and DONE! )Collapse )


I hope you enjoyed that LONG list and I hope some of the reviews create some discussion down below =] I feel SO much better now that I've caught up with all my reviews!! =]

Is there anything here you've never seen but want to? Anything here that I liked but you didn't - why? Anything you recommend me?
23 September 2015 @ 11:17 pm
Watched this tonight!!


Now before anyone starts; no this is not an amazing film on any cinematic scale BUT I fucking loved this film HENCE why it gets a 10/10 rating!! So shut it!

( Spoilers - major and minor - be aware! )Collapse )


Overall Rating: 10/10
Overall Thoughts: I laughed, I cried, the changes were awesome, Yamazaki did an amazing job <3 his portrayal was a little different but an improvement I think: EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS!
20 September 2015 @ 09:34 pm
This is based off the trailer that is being shown on the website (here)

SO! Here we go:

The opening to the website says: ‘Only 6 death notes are allowed at a time.’
So I guess we’ll be having 3 people - 3 shinigami or Ryuk and 5 people with DNs…
It say’s ‘Light’s Comeback/Revival (depending on which word you translate it into)’ so Light comes back with vengeance? Or he IS the Shinigami this time…
Also say’s ‘L Successor’ so could be Near’s story…
It mentions ‘cyber-terrorism’
‘The New World’s God’
Then it shows 5 Death Notes dropping from the sky. Not 6 - 5!!! So confirmed 5 people and 1 shinigami?!
Before it turns in ‘2016′ it says ‘b b b b b b’. So… will we be getting B’s story? Or y’know that’s just the font for ‘6′. Also the 2016′s ‘6′ turns a different colour right at the end.
My conclusion is: 5 DNs, 1 Shinigami (who is Light) making up 6 DNs in total, Possibly Near (but I’m getting B vibes) as the detective head, Cyber-terrorism so one of the new DNers is a hacker, possibly? Or an organisation like the Yotsuba group.

What are everyone’s conclusions and theories?

PS. Going to bed now (even though it 9:30pm) cos I've either got a tempurature or I'm still hung over from last night! o_O

Discussion MasterPost is Here


( Y U ENDIN"?! )Collapse )

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall Thoughts: Ahhh man I want so much more! Give me 3 more episodes with Mita and her at the end!!! =[ where to start with the dorama.. it's set in a bookstore <3 it has Chiba and Daito <3 the romantic relationships are great <3 the character and plot developements are great <3 I freaking love whoever styled Chiba!! <3 I thorougly enjoyed this even though I couldn't stand the MC. But that was the only negative to it; her -_- BUT I do feel like I need about 3 more episodes xD It was so enjoyable and I had tears and it has cuteness and shocking twists and is just so good! Also, Riko is just THE ideal woman!!

Did you watch this? What is your verdit?! What do you feel about these watch-a-longs overall? Love them? Hate them? Want more?

PS. Next watch-a-long accouncement will probs be up within the next week!! So look forward to it!