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01 September 2012 @ 04:07 am
[sticky post] Help?!  
Will you help me?!?!

Below are links to entries where I have many pictures of my idols and I need information about the pictures!
I seem to have some OCD about needing to know EVERYTHING about a picture: Date, Person, Year, Type (Magazine/Photoset etc), Magazine Name.

Seto Koji Help Part 1: Photosets
Kamenashi Kazuya Help Part 1
KAT-TUN Help Part 1: Pairs/Trios, Junno, Ueda, Nakamaru, Extra.
07 June 2018 @ 02:13 pm

Here they are, I check these guys regularly because I love them ^_^

rossanav6 jesheslove kissmegreen makichan5 dual_tsubasa setolove pali_mari maomaochan blue_panda26 ayc_akuma leefubuki madzia963 beccy_chan sberry1582  galuvkat_tun pornvilai

And Communities I absolutely love <3 jone_records kattunlove kame_world tomoaday bl_a_day yanagishitomo d_boys jdramas ikemen_daily d_date d_translations setogifaday shouhei_a_dayamaris_subs plotboxes going_gonin plotboxes kamesanctuary


~^-^-~ JE MEME ~^-^-~

Taken From: http://marchingj.livejournal.com/893.html

hi, my name is Alex. nice to meet you. name:: Alex
JE #1 bias: KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya
JE fandom/s: KAT-TUN, NEWs, Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP, ABC-Z.
fandoms besides JE: D-Boys, Japanese Doramas/Films.
twitter: sambart93
anything else?: I love JE! ^_^

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Translations MasterCheck Post [see the complete list and where to find them!]
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- DORAMAS/FILMS can now be found here.

Can be found at this post.

17 October 2016 @ 07:50 pm

Here we are for another round!! This time we have:

-Ballerino Keiji
-Kin'Iro no Corda
-Brother's Conflict
-刑事一徹 (命懸けで捜査に挑む犯人より心配性な男) = Stubborn Detective
-Smoking Gun
-Fuben na Benriya
-Kokoro ga Pokitto Ni
-Diabolik Lovers
-Shitamachi Rocket
-Angel Heart

With this I'll have COMPLETELY caught up with ALL anime/dorama/movie reviews! ^_^ But same as last time, if there's anything from past (Season) Wrap Ups where you want a full review then let me know ^_^

Let's get started with the reviews because there's 13 things I have to talk about today.

( Are you ready for a wayy too long of a review? xD )Collapse )


I DID IT!! ^_^ Now I'm ALL caught up! I'm so sorry if this is long but now I can be a little less stressed xD by the way, what BULK review do you want next? I have:

- D Stage 10th Anniversary DVD Collection
- Messiah
- Saiyuuki
- Hakuouki

They're all stages. My gut is telling me to go in the order in which I marathoned them, but what do you think?
12 October 2016 @ 10:15 am
Photo published for 「INKT LIVEHOUSE TOUR 2016」に関するお願い

So on Saturday I had the chance to go and see Tanaka freaking Koki live at a concert for the first time in over 4 years! Excited and shitting myself is an understatement.

If you all don't know, I freaking LOVE Koki and was totally heartbroken when he got forced out of JE but then got super happy when he started this band and while I've go all the albums and casually followed his blog and twitter, I didn't get a chance to see him until now! I was a little hesistant to buying the ticket at first but then I was like 'it's Koki! He ain't gunna disappoint' and he did not! OMG!!!

The concert was at a live house which are TINY stage rooms normally underground and there were only about 150 of us (fans) there so when he came out on stage, I immediately turned to my friend and we both went 'holy shit he's so close to us!' we didn't realise we'd be like HAND width away from him! And because of the lights and the random MCs that took place and the stuff Koki ended up doing during the concert, he definitely met eyes with EVERYONE else at least 5 times the entire concert! He definitely saw everyone who turned up! Holy moly...

Also me and my friend were like 'this is a standing con right? They'll only do like 90 minutes right?' the con went on for OVER 2 hours and we loved EVERY minute of it! We didn't want it to end!

Seriously guys, Koki has NOT changed. He still adorable and funny and so so so so honest about his feelings and you can feel it in his voice when he speaks that he's being sincerer <3 oh my I still love him! It was a relief to see him so happy and so well and so UNCHANGED and genuine!

Especially towards the end when he spoke about how INKT has just turned 2 years yet they've already lost a member and they started this tour in Kouchi but almost no one turned up so seeing how many turned up at Yokohama had made them all very happy. And they didn't even chant for an encore at Kouchi so they were all such grateful that we cheered so hard for two encores! He just kept saying 'you're feelings have hit my directly here (hold his hand) and I'm so greatful. I'm grateful you all came here today. We (the members) all have our our circumstances and things happen but being here with you guys makes it all worth it.'

He also said something that REALLY touched with him 'the one thing you can't do... is give up. Never give up. I'll never give up. So you shouldn't give up either. You can run away, but never give up.' and I thought it was a beautiful thing to say.

If you wanna see more fanreports/member tweets etc from this live then see here.

Luckily someone put up a song list too:

And even more lucky; I knew ALL the songs! It was one of those 'you don't realise how well you know the songs til you're tested' and it was so good singing along with Koki <3

Because it was a rock live too it was much more relax than a JE con (obviously) and we were all clapping, yelling, chanting, singing, jumping, there was a mini mosh pit too, handbanging and towards the end Koki semi-crowd surfed and stuff. So much fun!! But I was SO shattered after it xD I used SO much energy! I really hope they add another date for Yokohama on this tour so I can go again!

I seriously enjoyed it and it was great seeing Kok alive and well and enjoying what he's doing and seeing he hasn't changed and just... I'm very happy and glad I went <3
11 October 2016 @ 12:48 pm
I haven't written one of these since April (here) =O That's disgusting and ridiculous and needs sorting now! I do apologise how STAGE central my blog had become this year so hopefully the next few posts can be more doramas, movie, anime and even some actual events-based posts. If you want a holiday post as well I'll do that too so let me know!! ^_^


Today we have:
Joker Game
In The Hero
Douhitemo Furetakunai
K: Missing King
Ghost in the Shell
Hakuouki: Otogisoushi
K: Return of Kings
High&Low Season 1 and 2

Okay let's go!


Joker Game [Japan - 2015 - Movie 9/10]

( Lots of differently rated reviews here! Enjoy ! )Collapse )


I did it!! Did you miss these posts? Hopefully another will be up soon.

ALSO! If there's anything from this post that you want a full length review of, let me know!
11 October 2016 @ 12:15 am

Original Post here.


Acting Troupe D-BOYS' Direct Hit on Dramatic Dream Life
Dramas, Movies, Theater and the like, they're working on multi-platforms. Watanabe Entertaint's Acting Troupe D-BOYS.
This is the guys' direct hit projects and dramatic dream lives serialisation!
This time; Opening from October 14th is D-Stage's 19th 'As You Like It' which these three will appear in ♪


✰ Tomo-san (Yanagishita) is an  ill-tempered, hot/cold guy usually but that's just a spur of his love *laugh*

--D-Stage 19th 'As You Like It' has a long rehearsal period but, at this current stage what's the reaction been like?

Makita Tetsuya: Maechan (Maeyama) who is performing as Rosalind has a lot of lines and is someone who drives the story forward. However, it's a female role and half way through she dresses as a man which is a complicated role to attempt/challenge, but he was able to unlayer the character, right?
Maeyama Takahisa: You're right. I feel I got it right.
Yanagishita Tomo: *imitating Maeyama's tiny voice* Thanks to who?!
Maeyama: It's all thanks to Tomo-san *laughs*
Yanagishita: What? Me? I didn't really do anything though!?
Makita: You guys are annoying! *laughs*

( More Below! )Collapse )


Enjoy! Sorry if some of it is dodgy! I’m still rusty as I slowly get back into translating again.

07 October 2016 @ 04:39 pm
I didn't give myself time to go looking for 'torso of the week' pictures this week, so to make up for it; I'm finally posting the small collection of Aogeba Nijiro screenpcap I took because he looked so good in it! ^_^ Enjoy!


Have a good weekend guy! ^_^

I'm currently working on a D-Boys translation AND I'm working on another 'Last Things I Watched' post because I'm behind on reviewing about 20 doramas/movies/animes that I've watched this year but were NOT released this year ^_^

I promised my friends I wouldn't spoilt his for them on tweet so I'm writing it on here asap because I SERIOUSLY need to talk about this musical! Because OH MY GOD! I think it's won best musical of the year for me seriously! But more of that later!

Pre-Show Antics

It was A LOT quieter and nicer at the theater than I'm usually used to. I think because A. this has SUCH a long run in Tokyo (something like 30 shows!) and it was a week day, that goods and everything were VERY easy and quick to get through this time! ^_^

I had row 9 today and I luckily got an Aisle seat too! <3


About 5 minutes before the play started a guy walks in from the curtain to the right of me and straight away I recognised it was Kuroba Mario! Even though he had a facemask on that covered pretty much his entire face bar his eyes and had this HUGE hat on. I knew straight away! <3 But because I'd already turned my phone off, I immediately thought 'I'm gunna spend the next 2 hours and 10mins wanting to tell twitter' and to be honest, it was in the back of my mind the entire time xD when I saw him my brain went 'MARIOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!' xD


Also once the first part of the show started and we had a little break, I noticed I had a perfectly clear diagonal shot of him and he is gorgeous in real life(!) and out of costume! And his hair was really nice too! Also, it didn't look like he'd cried at the first part either (more on mine and everyone else's tears later).

Mario was in the previous Touken Musical (See my review here) as Mikatsuki aka Jiji!


And then it began!! So now onto the good stuff!


RUN TIME: 2hrs 10

TOTAL: 2hrs 50mins plus 15 minute break (19:00 ~ 22:00)

We follow the Shinsengumi and Okita Souji. The story begins with Hijikata, Kondo and Okita before the Shinsengumi group forms and then again during the Ikedaya incident and again once Okita is hospitalised, and the end with Kondo. If you've ever seen Hakuouki then that's all you need to remember. I'd researched SO much about the Bakumatsu before watching this so I would be able to understand BUT as soon as it started with the historical scenes, I thought 'Oh! This happened in Hakuouki! And this scene too! And this too!' So just go watch that anime to know what history you're gunna get xD

It could possibly be because I'm much more familiar with the Shinsengumi rather than Yoshitsune (the plot/story line from the previous TouMyu (=Touken Ranbu Musical)), BUT I found this one MUCH easier to follow and understand! I can't think of a moment where I was actually lot or didn't understand what was happening or being said which is great!

The Cast and Characters


Cast (Character then Actor named):

Kashuu Kiyomitsu - Sato Ryuji
Yamatonokami Yasusada - Torigoe Yuki
Izuminokami Kanesada - Arisawa Shotaro
Horikawa Kunihiro - Ogoe Yuuki (also known as Ogotan)
Hachitsuka Kotetsu - Takahashi Kensuke
Nagasone Kotetsu - Imari Yu

Kondou Isami - Gomoto Naoya
Hijikata Toshizo - Takagi Tomoyuki
Okita Souji - Tochihara Rakuto
+ Ensemble of 18 members

( All the spoilers below the cut! )Collapse )


Photo credits:


Rating: 9.5/10 (I gotta take some off forsome dodgy singing and hated character xD)
Overall: This is THE best musical of the year for me. I would say best play of the year but remember how much Orphans blew me away? And I've still (hopefully) got Touken STAGE in December which I imagine will win best 2.5 Theater Stage for me this year xD They stepped it up tremendously!

**I've edited in two new parts so just Control F and search 'Edit' (I've added a bit more to justify my thoughts on Nagasone and Hachisuka and I've added a completely new section for the staging and soundtrack!)

Holy crap 5 hours later and I'm done! You better appreciate it!! xD

*This is an article translation


At the 'Link-a-nation' Linkane Fan Meeting, Yamada James Takeshi, Aramaki Yoshihiko, Someya Toshiyuki enthusiastically performed! The voice actors also had a Talk segment.

☆The great adventure game 'Link-a-Nation' had a great pre-release event!

On September 30th 2016 at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain area, the Link-a-Nation fan meeting event took place.

At the event was Itaku Youji, Takeuchi Shunsuke and Yashiro Taku, and in charge of the script reading was Yamada James Takeshi, Aramaki Yoshihiko and Someya Toshiyuki. Finally, the artist who sang the theme song, HARUCA came also.


^ From the right; Vermeer (Ferume-ru) voiced by Yashiro Taku, Yoshida Shoin voiced by Ikaku Youji, and Nikola Tesla (Tesura) voiced by Takeuchi Shunsuke.


^ From the right; Vermeer (Ferume-ru) played by Someya Toshiyuki, Yoshida Shoin played by Yamada James Takeshi and Nikola Tesla (Tesura) played by Aramaki Yoshihiko

( More of the article below! )Collapse )


Original Article.

Translator/Audience Report:
*The fountain would spray light water when the enemies regenerated and then big water shots for final attacks and such.

01 October 2016 @ 10:41 am
Same format as last time. Here is what I will 100% watch this season! All the ones that interested me can be found HERE for doramas and anime.

[ WINTER 2016 / SPRING 2016 / Summer 2016 / Autumn 2016]

Continuing From Last Season

( 1 - 5 )Collapse )

Autumn 2016 Doramas

I have decided to definitely watch 3 new doramas this season!

( 6 - 8 )Collapse )

And now for the anime! I'd decided on 3 anime for this season!

( 9 - 11 )Collapse )

So that's about 9 for Autumn 2016!! Of course if I had extra time I'd want to watch PAST things like everything from the summer anime season (so many amazing anime came out in summer and I've watched none of them!) and then I've also been watching to start Kuroko no Basket recently and as mentioned in my Autumn list I still need to watch The Last Cop Season 1 and Yuuki Season 2 and I've got all those On Hold anime and doramas that I haven't touched at all. Eek! So yes!
What are you definitely watching this season?!
30 September 2016 @ 08:02 pm

This season I watched a total of  doramas and anime from this summer season (see full list here.) and here I am with my reviews of them!

I had 6/7 dramas and 8 anime, which is a total of 15 shows this past season which is like a lot but I honestly I don't think I watched anywhere near as much as I'd planned to watch but we'll see now won't we. First let's get the bad out of the way:

Didn't Finish / Didn't Start

There ended up not being one this season so that's a no brainer.

Now onto the reviews of stuff I did actually watch!



1. Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto [7/10]

( Review 1 )Collapse )


2. HOPE [5/10]

( Review 2 )Collapse )


3. Aogeba Toutoshi [8/10]

( Review 3 )Collapse )


4. Kamen Rider Ghost [3/10 - only for Alein <3]

( Negative of the year! )Collapse )


( 6 Total Animes! )Collapse )


Most of the summer season I spent watching the doramas and anime from the actually season but then towards the end I found I had a lot of time (I put myself on a stage watching ban) to finally watch some past doramas so I ended up marathoning 5 in a row (I watched all five in about 8 or 9 days!) and hopefully can get some more out of the way and save some space (finally) on this poor, old laptop harddrive xD << if you wanna know what I have and help me decide the next thing I watch then let me know!

Total Watched and Completed list for Summer 2016:

( Full Watched List of Summer! )Collapse )

Anime: 11
Dorama: 10
Movie: 3
SP: 1
Total: 25

Doramas are finally getting up there and balancing out against movies which I've been completely neglecting recently =[ and I don't think I'll have time to continue any cinema going any time soon (damn you October and your fucking busy schedule!).

And that's a wrap up! If you made it this far then thank you for reading all the drivel! xD

What did you watch this season? Any good ones? Anything disappointing? Any recs you got for me? Let me know everything in the comments below!

23 September 2016 @ 10:48 am
I suck as a human being and can't resist RANDOMS for fandoms I'm in.. so I've ended up with all this shit stuff.

Let's see the shame...

Anime/Manga/Game/Random/Kamen Rider

( #1 )Collapse )

Stage and Actors

( #2 )Collapse )

D-Boys and D2boys

( #3 )Collapse )

Prices are listed on the pictures and are for individual items unless stated.

(Sold Items will go here)

If you're interested then let me know in the comments below (don't worry it's all screened).

Shipping Details:

Domestic/Japan Shipping:
Small package/letter = 200 yen
Large package = 400 yen
Heavy package = 800 yen

Payment via bank transfer or can hand over in person in Kantou!

International Shipping:
Small package/letter = 400 yen
Large package = 800 yen
Heavy package = 1200 yen

22 September 2016 @ 10:10 am
This week we have the real Papa of D-Boys; Papa Endo! Honestly I thought he'd be easier to find but his shirtless pics are harder to find than Wada's! But here's what I got:


^^ This is a tease mwahahaha

( Real ones under the cut! )Collapse )

Once again please post below if you have other shirtless pics of him! Someone mentioned in the last post that START has this kind of pics in but I don't own the Photobook nor can I find scans of it online so unfortunately that ain't happening.

I thought Endo would be easy to find because he's done a LOT of work and a lot of different kinds of work but alas a Papa has gotta be descrete and he's definitely been that!

Who would you like to see next week? I'm still staying on D-Boys but is there anyone you wanna see and you definitely know their pics will be easy to get a hold of.

Bye and enjoy!
21 September 2016 @ 11:35 am
I was really hoping to keep this list consise this time but then.... as always I find more and more stuff that's interesting BUT I still wanted to put EVERYTHING together so sorry if this is SUPER big! I'll split it into the two sections ^_^ So let's begin! Remember this is NOT what I'm definitely watching for Autumn. This is just everything that interests me for the new season. What I will watch is a different post probably out the first week of October! Anyways, enjoy!


( Doramas and SPs )Collapse )

Now that doramas were done, and were done pretty quickly thankfully. Now for the anime!


( Short list! )Collapse )


I've done it!

Look forward to my definite list out soon! ^_^

What are you interested in this season?
20 September 2016 @ 01:03 pm
After 11 days of solid work, I finally started my holiday off by going to a play! Which was my first one in about 2 weeks! Seriously, stage-withdrawal-symptoms are real! I was having dreams of going to stages like EVERY night it was that bad xD


Stage Site here.
Dress Rehearsal video here.

I had speed read the manga in English and only volume one of it in Japanese before seeing the play. I was super excited because it was by a writer I love (she's also written MESSIAH! and we all know how much I love the Messiah series!) so I had high hopes for both the play and the manga; I was disappointed!

Synopsis (for the manga)

Japan, Year 2055, Old Tokyo. As the population continues drop due to a mysterious disease, through a certain incident, the fates of two youths, the orphan Noel, and Rikka, the heir of a distinguished Russian Mafia family, will cross… A thriller, depicting the tale of their "Bond of Blood"…


Rikka - Ueda Keisuke (known as UeChan)
Noel - Hirano Ryo
Sasha - Fujita Rei (known as Fajita Rei)
Cloud - Yamauchi Keisuke
Snake - Kuwano Kosuke
Olive - Fujiawara Yuuki
Wiwi - Karahashi Mitsuru
Black Santa - Nakamura Ryusuke


I watched this at Tokyo Dome and because I'd finished work so early, I actually took time (for the first time ever) to properly look at and around Tokyo Dome City. Normally I'm too busy running to get KAT-TUN goods or I'm too busy running to Tenimyu to actually look at the place and it's actually a really nice location!


Once again beautiful flowers everywhere! xD During the run of Inferno it wasn't only UeChan's 27th birthday (September 5th) but it was also (either September 3rd or 4th) his 10th anniversary since his debut! So lots of flowers were around celebrating that ^_^


I was very surprised to find how BIG the theatre was! I knew Super Sentai performed here but it's like.... probably one of the biggest (in terms of seating availability) theatres I've been to! I was really shocked.


It also worried me that the place wouldn't fill up but I shouldn't have doubted cos the guys in this play are VERY well known and the theatre was pretty much full! ^_^ phew! I was sat behind two girls who were fangirling over Kuwano's bromides before the start of the play which made me happy. I've seen Kuwano pop up in quite a few things but I'm not his fan and I wasn't sure if he was one of the popular ones, so I was glad to see he had some love from the audience ^_^


The staging was very interesting. The audience seats went up while the stage had placed a chair on the bottom floor and then had staging and background on the stage. I was so curious about that chair... and I was shocked how much time they did end up on that bottom floor.

The Play Itself

First and foremost; if you enjoy Messiah (I still need to make a Series group post about it on here) then you're gunna enjoy Inferno! It has a lot of similar themes and tropes. There's a lot of action in both, there's a lot of mafianess in both, the music in both is very similar and to pull even more similarities; we have Fajita and Nakamura who star in both of them <3 the whole Rikka x Noel thing is very Messiah like also in that they live to protect each other and care deeply for each other on a slightly homo-implied level <3 it so cute!!! But we'll get to more of that later. It kind of reminded me of Makai Ouji as well for some reason... maybe because the stage set up is similar and Rikka and Noel remind me a lot of Dantalion and Wiliam; both relationships are very similar. Same could be said for Kuro and Ciel in Kuroshitsuji and some people has said Inferno is similar to Kuroshitsuji also. So yes Inferno is Messiah meets Kuroshitsuji meets Makai Ouji, okay? Okay! xD

( You"re My Messiah - I mean Father )Collapse )


**Credit to those who took the stage pictures! They are not mine.

Rating: 7/10 (<< I keep giving this rating a lot recently... am I geting harsh in my reviewing?!)
Overall: Inferno is a cross between Messiah (similar music score, lots of actions, guns etc.), Kuroshitsuji and Makai Ouji (due to Rikka and Noel's relationship being very similar to Kuro/Ciel and Dantalion/William). I was very impressed with the character development in this stage and feel they developed the characters a lot more than what's currently in the manga. I was impressed by the amount and difficulty of choreography and I was thorough entertained by the comedic moments. Ueda Keisuke is definitely my king in the 2.5 theatre world!