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01 September 2012 @ 04:07 am
[sticky post] Help?!  
Will you help me?!?!

Below are links to entries where I have many pictures of my idols and I need information about the pictures!
I seem to have some OCD about needing to know EVERYTHING about a picture: Date, Person, Year, Type (Magazine/Photoset etc), Magazine Name.

Seto Koji Help Part 1: Photosets
Kamenashi Kazuya Help Part 1
KAT-TUN Help Part 1: Pairs/Trios, Junno, Ueda, Nakamaru, Extra.
07 June 2018 @ 02:13 pm

Here they are, I check these guys regularly because I love them ^_^

rossanav6 jesheslove kissmegreen makichan5 dual_tsubasa setolove pali_mari maomaochan blue_panda26 ayc_akuma leefubuki madzia963 beccy_chan sberry1582  galuvkat_tun pornvilai

And Communities I absolutely love <3 jone_records kattunlove kame_world tomoaday bl_a_day yanagishitomo d_boys jdramas ikemen_daily d_date d_translations setogifaday shouhei_a_dayamaris_subs plotboxes going_gonin plotboxes kamesanctuary


~^-^-~ JE MEME ~^-^-~

Taken From: http://marchingj.livejournal.com/893.html

hi, my name is Alex. nice to meet you. name:: Alex
JE #1 bias: KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya
JE fandom/s: KAT-TUN, NEWs, Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP, ABC-Z.
fandoms besides JE: D-Boys, Japanese Doramas/Films.
twitter: sambart93
anything else?: I love JE! ^_^

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Translations MasterCheck Post [see the complete list and where to find them!]
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- DORAMAS/FILMS can now be found here.

Can be found at this post.

04 April 2017 @ 05:27 pm

Hey guys!! I really wanted to get the Winter Wrap Up out first BUT Spring Season already started, I already started watching the new stuff AND I still haven't completely finished three dramas from Winter yet and it doesn't feel right bringing out that Winter Review post when I haven't finished all the Winter stuff that I'm watching, make sense? Good! So now onto the new shiny stuff of the season!

[ WINTER 2017 / SPRING 2017 / SUMMER 2017 / AUTUMN 2017]

First the Complete List thanks to here:

21時-フジ「CRISIS(クライシス) 公安機動捜査隊特捜班」西島秀俊と小栗旬(4月11日)
25時-TBS「ファイナルファンタジーXIV 光のお父さん」千葉雄大(4月18日)
21時-テレ朝「警視庁捜査一課9係 season12」渡瀬恒彦(4月12日)
20時-テレ朝「捜査一課長 シーズン2」内藤剛志(4月13日)
21時-テレ朝「緊急取調室(キントリ) シーズン2」天海祐希(4月20日)
20時-テレ東「釣りバカ日誌 シーズン2 新米社員 浜崎伝助」濱田岳(4月21日)
24時-テレ東「孤独のグルメ season6」松重豊(4月7日)
25時-テレ東「CODE:M コードネームミラージュ」桐山漣(4月7日)
20時-NHK「おんな城主 直虎」柴咲コウ(1月から継続)

And now, here's a bunch of stuff that interests me for Spring 2017 - brace yourselves... it's a lot:


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Finally, I can give me official, 'What I WILL Watch':

Continuing Series

This season we have the continuation of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - which by the way is really good! It's not THE best but it's damn well enjoyable(!) - and YowaMushi Pedal Season 3 - which  assume will continue well into early/mid Summer as it'll be a 25-ish episode seires just like it's last two seasons.

Doramas I WILL Watch

As you can tell from the list above, there are a LOT of amazing doramas coming out this season, but I've some how wittled it down to 4 doramas and 1 SP:

( Will Watch Doramas )Collapse )

Anime I WILL Watch

( Will Watch Anime )Collapse )

So this season is a total of 6 shows and 4 anime! A total of 10 which is normal for me I think...


And there we have it! Sorry if the quality of this post isn't as good as usual. I literally wrote three reviews yesterday and now I'm writing this one and the winter wrap up one as I go along. I am SO behind on everything to do with the internet ='[
What are you guys planning to watch this season? What interests you this season?
29 March 2017 @ 03:44 pm
Hey Guys! I am alive! March (espeically these past two weeks) has been so crazy but I'm still healthy, alive and kicking! I am behind on about 3 plays, 1 movie and (because I said I'd do the Tomo event review, my OCD is forcing me to review all my other events) about 8 events. BUT I'm working on it!

Not to mention I'm behind on Dramas too!! I'm a good one or two episodes behind all the doramas aired/airing this current season.

I'm off to Osaka tonight for a quick 20-odd hour trip to Osaka for a TokiEntertainment Event (I'm hoping MakiChan will pop up as a guest) so that'll be another event to add to the review list.

I am also aware that the new Anime/Drama season is starting soon and don't worry! Those posts and lists are being worked on too!

Pretty sure I'm behind Bushimeshi releases too! I'll try and get through those on Friday! Sorry Tilmon and everyone working on them subs at Yukkuri! =/

So bare with me! I only have three (yes three!) events in April so I should have a LOT more time to get shit done ^_^

BUT enough about me; how is everyone else?!

Also TBS, I read your message but will reply later!

Have a good weekend everyone! And I wish you all a relaxing one, unlike my own xD
15 March 2017 @ 03:20 pm

I had the amazing opportunity (amazing because it’s MakiChan that’s literally why) to go and see Hatsukoi Monster TWICE - last Tuesday evening/night show alongside an AfterTalk. and last Wednesday afternoon show. I was also super lucky that they were filming on Wednesday for the DVD(!) but more on that later. I’ll probably refer to the performance differences by saying either Tuesday / Wednesday or Night / Afternoon.

Official Website here
Official Twitter here
Press Reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Dress Rehearsal here
PreOrder the DVD here


Aramaki Yoshihiko as Takahashi Kanade
Okuda Kokoro as Nikaido Kaho
Sagawa Daiki as Kaneko Tom
Kamisato Yuki as Sannomiya Ginjirou
Shane as Noguchi Kazuo
Yuutarou as Shinohara Kouta
Ono Kento as Taga Atsushi
Tanaka Ryousei as Nagasawa Arashi
Hoshino Yuta as Nikaido Daikoku
Gomoto Naoya as Takahashi Shuugo
Ensemble: Hanatsuka Rentarou and Kitagawa Yuuya


I was super worried going into this one because the main girl lead is only 14 years old and I’d watched the anime and I was super worried about ‘almost 30 year old actors trying to be 11 years old who’re trying to be romantic with her’,

BUT I was surprised how they handled illegal-ness of it and it ends up being this rather innocent (not really existent) romance.

The major selling point of this play is the comedy and the audience participation. Everyone was constantly laughing, even the actors couldn’t hold it in at times (I’m looking at you MakiChan!). It’s absolutely ridiculous but also brings back some nostalgic moments of childhood at the same time. So it’s all wonderful and fun! Also they get the audience to clap along to the music and different songs and they go around the audience a lot which makes it even more enjoyable.

The stars of the show are definitely Tanaka Ryousei and Hoshino Yuta - they are both hilarious and go all out as their characters and they create a lot of hysterics from the audience.

Due to this stage having two minors as actors, this play is a short 90-100 minutes play but it’s so jam packed and fun and entertaining!

Rating: 9/10


The stage follows the anime story pretty faithfully so, just go watch that but if you’re too lazy then quick synopsis here:

Nikaido Kaho leaves home to live at a dormitory for her new school year. Shortly after arriving, Kaho is saved by a tall, handsome stranger. She confesses her love to him. To her shock, he is in fact a fifth grader! Deciding that she can't date a fifth grader, Kaho intends to break up with him. But as she spends more time with Kanade, she begins to care for him even more, even though she feels and knows its morally wrong.

And thus ridiculousness and hilarity ensues.


As per usual a dissertation length review is about to occur. Sit back and enjoy.


( All hell breaks loose as well as giggles )Collapse )


The aftertalk was MakiChan, Kamisato, Yuutaro and Ono!

( Minor spoilers? )Collapse )


And there we have it! Hope you enjoyed that (once again essay) review!

03 March 2017 @ 06:20 pm
I was very lucky to grab a ticket to the ‘Futsuu Janai Shokugyou’ Stage Greeting event where first we watched the movie and then at the end some of the actors from it would come to the stage and talk about it for a bit.

Official Website here
Official Trailer here
Press Coverage 1, 2


『普通』の日常の中、『普通』じゃない男たちの、『普通』じゃない職業の物語-。 = A story about two abnormal men doing an abnormal job amongst those living normal everyday lives.
Kin and Yamato are killers. They kill for a living and for money. They get their work through Master, who runs a bar and clients come to him for jobs which he then gives to them. Kin and Yamato do not see eye-to-eye due to their reasons for doing the job are different. They often get in the way of each others jobs on purpose.
The three jobs they get given are: a father who wants to die but doesn’t have the courage to, a girl who wants to see her dad killed in front of her, and a Yakuza who wants to take out his competition.


Kinjyou Yamato as Yamato
Nireki Naoya as Kin
Tomita Sho (aka Sho-san) as Maabo/Ma-Bo
Aramaki Yoshhiko (aka MakiChan) as Shinya
Kishimoto Takuya (aka KishiTaku) as Taro
Ishiyama Izarion as Chris
Mori Seiji as Master
Shimazu Kentaro as Takamura
Kagaya Kei as Kawauchi
Kanna as Hitomi
Sugami Kazuhiro as Director


This is a short movie but this is so much fun. It definitely has that indie feel to it which I love and I really enjoyed the story, the plot, the characters, the music and more. The action and choreography was amazing. The only downside is that I wanted more, I needed to know more; about the plot, about the characters; I want more(!) This movie is already 80/90 minutes long which is the minimum guidelines for a feature length movie but it felt so short and went by so fast and I want to know more!

Rating: 8/10*

*I’ve noticed I’ve marked a LOT of stuff a flat 8 out of 10 so far this year. Maybe I need to reevaluate everything so far...


I want to do the negatives first because they’re super simple and not really negatives at all:

1. This is TOOOO short! (It’s 80-90minutes but still...) I seriously wanted more! More character development, more plot, more ending, just more of everything!

2. You can tell their stage actors because of the slight exaggeration in some parts. But we can forgive them because they are damn good actors on stage, but it’s clear to see that there is a different approach needed when it comes to being in front of a camera.
Before I start the fangirling, just remember (if you do see this movie): this is not a high budget, massive company production, so don’t go in expecting some high budget la-di-da because then you will be disappointed. I’m used to Japanese style movies and I’m used to Japanese Indy movies and I actually prefer these styles of movies so my brain knows not to go expecting expecting Marvel Hollywood level production value.

Nevertheless: Lets get to the fangirling!!

( Watch me fangirl more about Sho-san than MakiChan =O )Collapse )

NOW can you all sort of see why I keep falling more for Tomita Sho?! He’s always the center of the part and the joke cracker!


And I’m done! Again I didn’t expect it to be as long as it ended up being but... oh well!
28 February 2017 @ 10:59 am
Last Tuesday I watched Seto Koji’s Kanbotsu and I’m tell you know, I am going to be a neutral as possible about this stage.


Inoue Yoshio as Kinouchi Sadaharu
Koike Eiko as Daimon Hitomi
Seto Kouji as Kinouchi Kiyoharu
Matsuo Mayu as Oohigashi Musubi
Yamanishi Atsushi as Yakumo Hamaji
Inuyama Inuko as Kinouchi Hato
Yamauchi Takaya as Funabashi
Kondou Kouen as Shimokura Wataru
Shuri as Michishita Yukari
Odawa Tamaki as Maruyama Madoko
Yamazaki Hajime as Moroboshi Kousaku
Takahashi Keiko as Kamitsuma Tsumako
Namase Katsuhisa as Daimon Makoto

Before I go into the review - and there will be no ‘spoiler’ section this time. I feel like I need to express what was going on with me around the time I watched the play:

Backstory and Personal Issues

If you’ve been following my reviews and/or my twitter then you’ll know that in the week prior to this stage I had already: Seen Messiah twice, gone to MakiChan’s Birthday Event twice, watched Toei Hero Next the day before AND watched Soul Flower the Thursday before. Also the Monday night my train was delayed for about 2 hours so I was stood that entire time and ended up getting home 12am rather than 10:30pm. The show for Seto was at 14:00 SO I didn’t get to sleep in either... so naturally; I was exhausted before I even got on the train to GO to Shibuya. Also I had plans (which I don’t normally) to meet a friend back in Yokohama at 5pm for dinner.

THEN I get to the theatre and the show starts... I feel the first half is a little long but it wasn’t too bad. At the intermission, I check the run time for the play:

FIRST HALF: 1 hour 50 minutes
INTERMISSION: 15 minutes
SECOND HALF: 1 hour 15 minutes

This play was 3 hours and 20 fucking minutes long. I went in assuming it was a normal 2 to 2hrs30mins play hence why I’d made plans for 5pm but clearly I wasn’t going to be getting OUT of that theatre until at least 4:30 which mean I was going to be late meeting my friend. And, lets all remember, I was tired as hell before the play even started, and we’d already done 2 hours of it but still had over an hour still to go?!

So that’s the backstory; you can imagine what my personal feelings on this play is right? ... now lets get down to it


( Short review be short )Collapse )


I hope I was neutral enough to give a somewhat decent review and I’m sorry to those who were expecting a great review about Seto Koji’s performance. It’s really all my fault that I had such a bad time.

Monday night I spent my evening watching the hilarious Toei Hero Next. It’s like the third of it’s installment, at least for the gekidan heroes series:

Original Movie here
First Stage here

Official Website here
Official Twitter here
Official FaceBook here
Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
DVD PreOrder here


Suzuki Shougo as Suito
Saito Shunsuke as Kuroda Ken
Baba Ryoma as Mizuno Satoshi
Moritaka Ai as  Momose Niina
Nakajima Kaito as  Kirijima Reito
Kinjyou Yamato as Aoki Junzou
Maruyama Atsushi as Kinbara Toshiro
Soutarou as Hara
Matsumoto Hiroya as Mysterious Guy
Kubodera Akira as Kiseki Yuji
Hiramaki Jin as Ruri
Hayashi Tsuyoshi as Ran
Tomita Sho as Sou
Fujisawa Reika
Iwasaki Nami
Hata Mizuho

AfterTalk Guests: Watanabe Tsurugi and Ise Daiki.


Kinbara is in a writing slump which means Gekidan Bazooka are without scripts and things to perform until then, so they decide to try out being hosts at Club Jewel, but soon they get caught up in an attempted murder, but with no script to guide them, they have to improv. their way to figure out what really happened.


This was so fun. I laughter so hard for 2 hours straight. The scripted comedy, the improvised parts, the accidental mistakes and the aftertalk was ALL hilarious. I very much enjoyed myself and it was very refreshing to watch - I expected to be super tired after doing 3 stages and 2 events the week prior - but this was so easy to watch and so easy to be entertained and is a lot of fun! Baba Ryoma is just the king of being over-energetic and funny in an ugly way, Sho-san definitely controlled the AfterTalk and everyone was definitely onboard with whatever crazy requests and daily challenges (higawari) and improvs that came their way. I really hope they do a next install me. And it’s so freaking cool seeing the entire cast and going ‘holy moly they ALL did sentai!’ it’s badass having that realisation in the middle of the play.

Rating: 8/10


The first few parts won’t be spoilerly, so you can read up to the ‘read more’ line without worrying ^_^

When I first walked in, I realised I had an aisle seat... and THEN I realised it was a host set up on the stage... AND THEN I realised there were stairs leading up to the stage, and I was just like ‘oh shit please do not come my way and approach me’ ... my heart was racing anytime they came down the stairs or towards me o_O

***SO apparently LJ does NOT like my large posts anymore even if it's just text and containing NO images, so if you want the full spoiler review, please click here or here.

This is the second post in less than a week it's been like 'post too large' wtf LJ?! This is going to be a pain in my ass ain't it? ...

23 February 2017 @ 04:28 pm


( Picspam of Appreciation for the BD Boy! )Collapse )


Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did !! ^_^
22 February 2017 @ 04:38 pm

I watched this last Thursday and I went because of one the guys (Tanaka Hiroki) from Onigiri (review) who I really fell for in that, was doing this and while at first I bought tickets without knowing what it was about, I soon learnt it was abut mutants and kind of dystonia and that my guy would be doing a BL character so NATURALLY I ended up being super excited for it!

Official Website here
Official Twitter here
Official Hashtag here
PV here
Music here
Press 1, 2


Kuryu Mina as Kiko/Mashiro
Ukai Mondou as Sagami
Sugie Masahiro as Kurosawa Kouji
Tamagawa Ramu as Eva
Akiba Yusuke as Maruko / Mark
Oguri Ryo as Sid
Maniwa Ryosuke as Alberto
Maikawa Miyako as Kokoro
Mitsuki Saori as Uzumi
Kojima Kotori as Sarubado-ru
Kinoshita Aya as Kimura Chanel
Araki Miyu as Yamashiro Myura
Yuuno as Murayama Elmes
Hiroya as Kaosu
Tanaka Hiroki as Agape
Matsushita Takashi as Filia
Mitani Remi as Sheila
Aino Eri as Risa
Hanai Madoka as Aniesu
Hagiwara Naruya as Zenelgef
Maruyama Raiden as Khan
Akaishi Nobu as Zoid
Akiyoshi Aya as Young Kiko
Ogura Erika as Shimamura
Oba Saki as Sally
Hanaoka as Dory
Ensemble: Hikita Chiharu, Takami Sakiko, Watai Ryuya
Tanaka Hyoga as Joker

As you can see the cast is huge! xD The stage again (like Onigiri) was small so having such a huge cast was kinda scary. ANYWAY!

Also as soon as the stage started I was SHOCKED to realise it wasn’t just Tanaka Hiroki from Onigiri in this, but two others from Onigiri were ALSO doing this and it made me very happy ^_^


SOUL FLOWER takes place in world quite like a dystopian where the rich and privileged live in the Three Hills, whereas the rest live in the slums. We follow a community of people who live in one of these slums, and it's called Sector 6, but even they call it 'Trash Town' (gomi no machi) because all the old and broke electronics and stuff the rich society want to throw away ends up being in their area, but it's their home and they love it. Well almost all of them: some would kill and hurt others in order to get a chance to have their barcodes changed (which every person is imprinted on them so the government know who belongs where in society) and be able to move to the Hills. Unfortunately also in this world, we have mutants who are feared and hated by most humans; Sagami is one of them and in order to keep the sector safe, he's locked up. One day, a famous idol singer from the Hills is kidnapped live on a music tv show, who then wakes up in Sector 6 with no memory of who she is.


This was SOOOO good! Oh my! I loved the story, all the characters were (while a lot of them) individual and great! This very much gave me Onigiri feels; not very known actors, doing a very unique and interesting and simple-to-understand story BUT it hits a lot of feels and it’s entertaining in both actor and comedy, there’s never a dull moment, you even want to route for the bad guys! The improvisation was great, the higawari (daily changes to the script) was absolutely hilarious. I enjoyed this so much! And the aftertalk too was a lot of fun! The singing was beautiful too! I literally cannot, I was so impressed and so happy with this stage! And my baby boy Tanaka Hiroki in his cute BL role had all the kisses and stuff so that made me happy ^_^ He’s so cute... Basically, this is a lot of fun and a great world and I enjoyed it a lot!

Rating: 8/10


( Give me more!! )Collapse )


I am definitely buying this DVD! Such a good story, world, characters and very touching and very funny <3

Unfortunately LJ is beging gay and won't let me have all my pics here so check the review in tumblr for the full picspams.

21 February 2017 @ 09:02 pm
Yesterday I spent valentine’s day watching a stage series that I completely fell into last summer! While I was super pissed and skeptical of this installment of the stage - due to favourite characters (Amane, Misu, Shuuto’s) and actors NOT coming back (Tamaki, Nakamura, Shuuto, Hirose Daisuke, Naoya) this installment, and also some announcing that the next installment after this one would be their last (Amane/Takaki, Misu/Nakamura) - I went in with an open mind and was ready to accept whatever they were gunna send at me. And I did. Lets see how that went shall we?


Official Site Here
Official Twitter Here
Dress Rehearsal Video Here
Press Coverage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Akazawa Tomoru as Shirasaki Mamoru
Izawa Yuki as Ariga Ryou
Sugie Taishi as Kagami Itsuki
Nagae Ryouki as Miike Mayo
Yamaoki Yuki as Yugi Kotarou
Hashimoto Shinichi as Kugure Jun
Asato Yuya as Doctor Ten
Otsuka Kosuke as Doctor Three
Ito Kotaro as Amane Gwen Shougo
Yamada James Takeshi as Salut
Araki Kentaro as Kumoi Ren / Cheka
Kotani Yoshikazu kuroko / Momose Tatara
Nakahara Yuya as Ichijima Harumi
Osumi Kenya as Shikura Kazuhito
Ensemble: Hosokawa Akihiro, Kitamura Kai, Uraie Kenji, Hisada Yuki, Sugiura Yuichi, Ishigami Ryuya, Sakamoto Kazuki


Kaito Yuri has gone missing and it seems like he might have not only betrayed Sakura but also Mamoru. But Mamoru stays strong that Kaito isn't a bretrayer and that he's still alive, though many believe he's dead after 6 months with no contact from him have passed. Mamoru is sent on a solo Gradutaion (Sotsugyou) Mission to stop the AI hacker known as 'Necromancer' who had broken into Sakura's security system and caused havock. With the occassional help from Doctor Ten, Doctor Three, and the three new Sakura recruits, Mamoru embarks on his mission, alone.


Maybe it's because this was my first time seeing Messiah live the flesh but I felt there was a massive step up in production and everything in this stage! The most impressive thing was the choreography for the action. Holy moly, the stunts and the timing was amazing! Also I really enjoyed the projection mapping this time around and how they used it. As usual the music was amazing and also super nostalgic and hearing the bell when the stage began! I cried at the ending to this but for a different meaning than everyone else. I really, really enjoyed this which I didn't expect to and I am definitely looking forward to the next installment. The negatives I have is this story has two plots and one of the plots I absolutely loved and the other plot I absolutely hated and don't want to remember. The second negative is; I really don't like the three new recruits. They're like carbon copies of Messiah character's we've already met and they're boring and I don't really want to get to know them, which is unfortunate because the actors themselves are adorable!

Rating: I don't think I've rated the Messiah series at all up to now... but I'll put it at a safe 8/10 for now.


You’ve been warned; all the spoilers ahead!

( Give me that soundtrack! )Collapse )


Okay I'll stop here! Pretty sure I've spent like 4 hours making this review! I'm done!

Hope you enjoyed it!
I watched D-Stage 20th: Jyuudou Shounen (Judo Boys) Monday night and it was a LOT of fun with so many things going wrong throughout which added to the hilarity.

Official Website here
Official Twitter here
Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Miyazaki Shuuto
Miyazaki’s Parents (played by Mitsuya - mother and Ikeoka - father)
Mitsuya Mitchell Ryo
Ikeoka Ryousuke
Arai Atsushi
Shison Jun (played by Mitsuya Ryo)
Negishi Takuya (played by Arai Atsushi)
Nishi Yukito (played by Ikeoka)
Voices of Shiramata Atsushi and Maeyama Takahisa
Sakurai Minami
Kobayashi Masahiro


This was so funny! I didn’t stop laughing! Some parts were obviously planned and were supposed to be funny but quite a few things went wrong when I went and even the actors couldn’t not laugh which added to the hilarity. It’s a simple story and the comedy is definitely the selling point here. Seeing their close interactions is great too!

Rating: 9/10 << might be in the race to be my favourite D-Stage! But I’ll have to rewatch it to decide that finally.


First I will talk about the story:

Basically Miyazaki Shuuto* has always been told to aim for the Olympics but he doesn’t see the point; he’s on a losing streak, he doesn’t want to go to the Olympics, he doesn’t even think he likes it anymore. Then thanks to a trip to Tokyo with his Judo buddies, he has his first love, finds a rival and discovers what he really wanted to do and what Judo means to him.

*They’re using their own names for the characters.


Simple enough story right? Which is great because it left a LOT of room for the BIG theme of the play: the comedy. This was absolutely hilarious! A lot of it was planned comedy but unfortunately the day I went, a LOT of things went wrong or happened without the other actors knowing it was going to happen so not only were the audience laughing hard but also the actors were laughing insanely hard too that they had to stop the play a little so both actor and audience could calm down xD Which means it as a lot of great fun!

To be honest, when I first got my ticket and it was Row Z and the site said row Z is actually row 3 and a bench seat I kind of panicked because I imagined the type of benches we have to sit on in primary school in England and they are not comfortable! SO I was super worried I’d have to put up with one of those types of benches for a 2 hour plus show BUT when I got there they weren’t really benches; just normal chairs without the back and with a cushion! And my bad didn’t hurt at all! I was comfortable the entire time! Also I was super lucky that the person in front and the person next to me didn’t show up SO I was technically on my own and second row! Which made it SUPER easy for the actors to spot us; seriously the first row could TOUCH the stage without even stretching their arm out! And Mitsuya definitely spotted me and I think Ikeoka looked over a few times -- but being me I kept looking away from IkeP if he so much as seemed to see me, cos I’m a shy girl with my bias’ xD


Anyway! Now to the parts of the play I wanna focus and talk about! First let’s talk about the PLANNED comedy okay?

( let the hilarity ensue )Collapse )


Final note:

This stage was a godsend in terms of reconfirming and reaffirming my love for IkeP. He did amazing in Yuhiden and Litche Hikari Club at the end of 2015 and that’s where I fell for him so I went into 2016 super hopeful for him but he only ended up doing like ONE play and ONE dorama and that was April and September, so I was super worried for his career and worried I wouldn’t be able to see more of him BUT we’re only in February and already he’s got a dorama airing, he’s doing a stage now and he’s definitely got Dansui stage in May! So he’s already doing more this year which makes me a super happy bunny and seeing him (finally!, again!) in this on Monday really helped me remember ‘ah yes I love this idiot’ xD he really is hilarious and cute!!


That’s all I got to say really. I am very much looking forward to the DVD! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable play! Seriously, a lot of fun and I didn’t stop laughing for over 2 hours!
06 February 2017 @ 07:42 pm
I saw this one last Monday and it’s supposed to be a historical/comedy.

Official Site here.
Trailer here. << I normally don’t watch trailers and I usually hate how spoilery trailers are these days but this one manipulates what to expect very well xD
Teaser here. In case you wanna no real explanation


This is a historical comedy where Ayase Haruka’s character goes to Kyoto to meet her boyfriend’s family, but the hotel she booked at says she’s booked in for the month after and that they’re completely full for the duration of her stay, leaving her with no where to stay. So she wanders the streets of Kyoto until she comes upon the hotel ‘Honnouji Hotel’ which has a room available for her. And thus shenanigans ensure where when she takes the elevator she ends up in Honnouji Temple 1582 June 21st (the day before Honnouji no Hen), rather than the 6th floor of the hotel.


This was actually genuinely funny. I know Japan sometimes labels stuff as comedy but no one ends up laughing because it tends to be really off beat comedy but this movie was ACTUALLY funny. We were all wetting ourselves in the cinema and in fact I was laughing to most (which says a lot if a foreigner is finding the comedy more enjoyable and totally understandable compared to the rest of the Japanese population in the cinema xD that or they laugh a LOT quieter than I do xD) I do admit, I’m a BIG laughter when a joke gets to me which this movie did on several occasions. I really enjoyed the story too and how the time traveling worked. The characters were all amusing and had their traits and when you take the comedy away, the story itself holds up very well. Also, if you know anything about Honnouji no Hen (which this is centered around) then you’ll completely understand me when I say; from the mid-point I did nothing but cry. I was in such streams of tears! I think I was the only one to be honest but for some reason I have this HUGE emotional connection to Oda Nobunaga and just his story and history at this point in time; I was so heartbroken for the rest of the film. I was a crying wreck but not in a bad way. I highly recommend this film; it’s historical, it’s fun, it’s funny and (if you’re like me) sweet, emotional and touching. Bittersweet almost actually.

Rating: 8/10



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And that’s my review! Hope you enjoyed it!! ^_^

This is the THIRD Tegami stage, the first one in 2008, then the musical in 2016 and now this one is the rerun of the 2016 musical... Also it is originally a book written by Higashino Keigo (a hugely popular mystery/thriller/crime author here in Japan so explains why it’s gotten so many adaptations) in 2003 and there is movie adaptation of it too from 2006 (available on UK Netflix at least!). So safe to say this story is popular.

Official Site here.
Official Twitter here.
Dress Rehearsal Video here and here and here.
Press Coverage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

This was my first Tomo play since, well his last one, September so it was great to see him again! I'll admit I was nervous because it's technically the first time I've heard him sing (Tenimyu and the D-DATE CD doesn’t count!), and it's definitely the first time I've heard him sing in person and live. But more on that later! First let’s get the cast list out of the way:


Yanagishita Tomo / Ota Motohiro (Double Cast) as Takashima Naoki (Younger Brother)
Yoshihara Mitsuo as Takeshima Kouji (Older Brother)
Fujita Rei as Terao Yuusuke
Kato Ryousuke
Kawaguchi Tatsuya
Someya Kouta
Igarashi Kae
Wada Kiyoka
Okonogo Mari
Yamamoto Sayaka

Some PreShow Stuff:

I was in the first row and my seat was the FIRST one!! I was Row A-1!!! How weird is that!! I still needed my glasses but not much. I was a little nervous when I first showed but because the first 30 minutes loads of kankeishas turned up and were picking up their tickets so I definitely felt out of place. And then the guy ROLLS into the theatre with this loud rolling suitcase and tight jeans and sunglasses and he takes them off and it was so actor-like that I almost laughed right in front of his face. I didn't think actors who acted like they're actors and all actually exist! It was hilarious to witness xD

Anyway, so there was I was in the front row and one of the first in and obviously everyone's looking but I've learnt to deal with it but this I felt like it was more than usual.

Ooooooh! Before I go on I must talk about the very angry moment I had before the play started. So I put all my stuff on my seat, grabbed my letter for Tomo and instead of looking around embarrassingly for the 'Present' section, I decided it was safe to just go to staff and ask 'where do we give stuff in for actors?' and he's like 'you want a blanket?' um... 'No, which staff person do I hand stuff into for the actors?' 'The goods are here' seriously... 'no! I WROTE a LETTER, WHO do I give this to?' 'Oh, over there' 'Thank you....' and so I made more of an embarrassment of myself that way anyway! Seriously though, my Japanese ISN’T that bad and I KNOW it. Maybe it's because I speak SUPER fast (even in English people can’t catch what I say sometimes) but like, it really was a blow to my confidence that I had to say the same thing about 4 times and in 3 different ways and even had to slow down to a ridiculous level and emphasis before he understood me. I get that you don't expect me to speak Japanese and at first hearing me speak Japanese when you expect English is jolting but come on!! It made me super pissed. I obviously bowed a thank you to him but the last 15 or so minutes before the stage started, I was just sat in my seat super pissed and embarrassed and filled with not nice feels.


Now to the set:

The stage is set out in sections thanks to the use of box platforms and they used these platforms to look either like rooms or like cages/cells, as well as there being a flight of stairs and then there's two high platforms at the top just under a cloudy sky backdrop. It's a good set up.

Now to THE STORY: I’m going to try and be as concise as possible because, as I said, this is like the 3rd/4th adaptation of this story so you can easily watch the movie (available with subs on the UK Netflix btw! So I assume other netflixs have access to it and I doubt the story has changed much.)

One day Naoki gets a call and it’s from the police; his older brother has killed someone will breaking and entering the victim’s house; he now faces life in prison. This affects Naoki’s life multiple times and in negative ways over the next 10 or so years, and the only thing that keeps Naoki and his brother, Kouji, connected is through writing letters to each other, that Kouji can only receive and send once a month.

Simple enough plot line right?


Overall: I cried my heart out. And it wasn’t just me. The entire crowd were balling tears from about 10 minutes into the stage until it finished. I could even hear whimpers some were crying that hard. This was a touching story and it hits you in the feels. I am very pleasantly happy with Tomo’s singing ability and I did enjoy myself. But I feel the first half was much more engaging, interesting and more enjoyable (enjoyable isn’t the right word when it’s something this sad but you get the jist). The second half I personally didn’t like because I’m personally very tired and bored of ‘Japanese salaryman having a hard time’ story lines. The story was very predictable too when it comes to the friendship and romance plotlines in this, and again I personally don’t like being able to predict stuff correctly. My only serious negative is the constant repetition of songs in the second half/part of this play. Nevertheless I enjoyed it, I cried my heart out completely, I’m definitely getting the DVD, and I feel bad not having the money to go and see it again for Tomo’s sake and so I could see it from further back.

Rating: 7/10


Entering spoiler and all details territory so you’ve been warned.

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I DID promised Tomo I'd come and see it again this week but unfortunately I'm way too broke to spend 8000 yen on a ticket I don't necessarily need although I'd love to see it again but I financially can't. I'm defo preordering the DVD though!! Damn...


And I’m done! I hope you enjoyed that review and apologies if it’s long!

30 January 2017 @ 11:07 pm

*Todoufuken means ‘Prefectures of Japan’ So basically: The Prefecture Puzzle which is rather fitting.

I went to see my first play of the year about two weeks ago! (Technically my first play cos Touken Ranbu LV doesn’t count because I wasn’t in the theatre in person xD)

Official Website here
Stage Details here
Official Twitter here


Overall: It was nice and enjoyable with a serious over-tone and random comedy moments that hit really well - oh did I mention it was short?! Only 70mins!! I'm not used to that xD It was a quick interesting, thoughtful stage and I cannot wait to see JP’s next work obviously xD

Rating: 6/10



It was Yasukawa Junpei’s play and I went into it knowing nothing except, judging on the ticket price, it was a small production. And I was right; the audience was practically all kankeishas except like me and 8 other people xD There was probably a total of 40 or 50 people in the audience so yeah, SUPER intimate and the staff were nice and it wasn’t even seat coded! So I chose second row and to the side which was luckily the side JP usually stayed on! Let’s get on with the story:

( JP and Ikemen! )Collapse )


I doubt there's a DVD of this so just assume this is the best English review of this stage you're ever gunna get.


PS. Apologies if this feels rushed or there’s lots of mispellings. I did have a perfectly nice review but then my pc crashed and I lost it all so out of stress and anger you’re getting the shittier version.